Shedding of older leaves

Hello, I’m a first time indoor grower and I’m currently caring for 1 plant ( some strain of Kush) that seems to have vegetated way too long, that’s fine because she has plenty branches however my girl seems to be dropping all of her older leaves that are below the new branches.

Is this normal?

Is it a autoflower strain. Not being sure about your experience level, but you are aware that if it is a regular or feminized photo you need to shorten light cycle to 12/12 to prompt regular seeds or photos to start flowering.

As far as older leaves dieing off it would depend on how long she has been vegging. It’s possible that older leaves will start to die off if they are at bottom of plant and aren’t getting enough light.

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Hey thanks for the info I believe she is a regular photo by the looks of it, I’ve already started to decrease the lighting.