Shed grow year 2 Donaldj ;)

Let the games begin have 5 seeds in rockwool this evening Super Skunk, White Widow, Crown Royal, Purple Kush and Strawberry Kush.
I was thinking of a complete reset in my space since both flower spaces will be getting harvested this week and a fateful mishap has helped push me. My lights in my mother space decided to flatten 7 of 8 mother plants which may or may not recover since light was on after it fell causing even more damage :frowning: I will update weekly after seeds sprout for now just unwinding after the setback this created


Oh no! Sorry about your moms. Sounds like a good bunch sown. I’m in :+1:

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Set to watching!

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Ditto, best of luch @Donaldj

No worries about the mothers I was actually in debate about doing a reset before accident happened and I run 4 light rotation which means I already have some ladies in full veg :wink: That in a pinch could clone but feel like some fresh mothers would suit me better and a empty flower space was on the docket to revamp lighting some since I got permission from misses to grow bigger :stuck_out_tongue: and try to double production.
Balmy 11f with a 5f windchill calling for high of 46f this afternoon perfect weather for work will hardly break a sweat today :wink: My uncle called last night and informed me I will have a sawmill in my yard all winter which makes sum of my next projects a bit cheaper :slight_smile:


Set to “Watching”.

I’m watching!

Me too!!

That blows man I a came into the fan on my present grow as seedlings managed to save all of em but it was a disaster … Then I had them up top shelf in a close t and had an old mirror I found put the mirror on the Shelf basically to extend the Shelf put heavier things on the inside facing the mirror up trying to reflect the light back up to the white paint to get double reflection not to use the mirror directly but just catch like that made it to the floor long story short plants got bigger , heavier mirror snapped came home to Broken Glass plants all over the floor dirt everywhere look like a murder scene except replace the blood with soil not to mention top shelf in the closet was a good 7 ft High so about 10 plants fell but they’re still kicking , so be positive but I know you want to cry , btwbill be watching

Lmao I am more than aware I can recover most of the ladies from this mishap but had actually planned on a revitalization of my plants so not going to exert any effort in nursing them back to health if they live they live :wink: I have cut plants back to nearly nothing and recovered them but the way I look at this is simple getting them to a productive size and health again will take just as long as me starting new plants from seed I also have several mature clones and plants in veg I can clone to fill in any lost time.
@fano_man you have to remember I am an open sharer and mentor as well as mod I like to share success and fails equally to help reassure new growers and old alike that these plants can withstand lots of abuse and still produce. I also like to show that even experienced growers can screw the pooch it’s how we bounce back and roll with things that matter. To me a light falling on a plant or several is just another possible event in any grow and another lesson learned


Watching this for sure!

One hell of a way to put the positive spin on something, and well you know, double production

I’m in to see where this goes :+1:t3:

I have pen and paper handy!

Skipped my usual shotglass soak of seeds went with straight into rockwool cubes single seed each strain seeds vary in age but have been well stored. Rockwool was soaked in plain RO water and everything is sitting comfy and warm on my cable box I expect should see signs of life in next day or 2? but won’t call anything a dud for atleast 10 days only 2 strains are ILGM so should be interesting to see how they stack up to my others? Started selective harvesting tonight top kola’s only letting lower buds get more light and give them several extra days


I see you are a very knowledgeable person that I would love to hang out and burn with and pick your brain I was reading your thread on grafting and did some of this with mangoes at the Fruit Tree Nursery I worked at a few years back and you have a lot of the same views and interests as I do have you done any air layering I’ve done that with Citrus and mangoes never done it with weed engrafting weed to tomatoes is another thing that I saw that I was pretty excited you’re familiar with

Pics of said delightfulness :wink:

Curious as to how you store seeds? I have not had much luck keeping them for very long.

toyed with airlayering 3 years ago it worked out pretty good as a cloning method used rockwool aluminium foil and had consistant results. I just started favoring taking cuttings when I started my lollipop in flower so many nice limbs get cut why waste

I keep them in original package in a junk drawer cool and dry away from light nothing fancy they tend to stay viable for few years. No fridge no freezer frost can destroy them and humidity is the enemy dry is good


Awesome man yea air layering is a great way to skip quiet a few weeks on cloning do you think the idea of having a maaaasssive couple mother’s …say inside or outside dosent really matter but very large that has branches that some ppl grow as entire plants do you think you could enhance a SOG with air layering making bigger clones making larger crop
OR. Will getting the mothers so big bring the sliding time aspect curve away from progress move into digress and slow or get less crop per year because size increase … If you had big mom’s already cool … But getting that up and running would have a long initial setup… Lastly with glthe plants you air layered did you fully grow them out to harvest and iF so did it effect anything negative from the starting process of being an sir layers plant or was it just as good as a clip and dip clone… and was the recovery when sperated from the mother was there and long recovery time and did you have to prune alot back for it to be able to support top with small root system… Do you have a thread on air layering by any chance?

Had little to no wilt or delay as they rooted as they are fed by mother but once planted they tend to get stalled as they have to root into medium so though you can start with a bigger cutting they still lose time rooting after removed from mother since they never have enough roots to support their own needs right away also I found it a pain since they take longer to root than reg clones and I usually clone to prune mothers back keeping them smaller. The problem with large mother plants is they tend to get woody new shoots have greater hormone levels than old stems. Think of the outer layer of trunk as stem cells needing direction ex…root make bark wood,or shoots a younger less woody trunk is easier to redirect than a hard bark covered stem.

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And the recovering mothers with some shots of the damge 2 days later already bouncing back

light burns and stem breaks everywhere :stuck_out_tongue: could easily recover them but where’s the fun in that

The vegging ladies which I could easily clone but at 4’ tall and 3’ around they are ready to move to flower

the remainder of flower space 1 after last couple days of selective harvesting giving them another day or 2 than will buck them down

Flower space 2 flushing nicely and getting nice fall colors about a week out of harvest but smell awesome :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: