She’s looking more like ground cover!

4 going well, like 3 weeks since they popped. One is not getting any height but other 3 seem more like “normal” Would it be too early to trim those giant fan leaves to give more energy to other parts of the plant? It’s the one in the top left that’s healthy but short! Lights are up a few feet right now (36”) trying to get some “stretch” but had them around 18-20”

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Hey @climb512 ,
Dont defoliate anything at this point. Those fan leaves are providing energy via photosynthesis to the root system which is still developing below ground. Its a myth that removing parts of a plant makes it grow other parts faster and bigger. And this has been proven for all plants, not just cannabis. If I can find the university studies about this I will post a link. Defoliating for air flow and light is beneficial at a later point but not now. Those nice big leaves are a sign that the plant is happy and going to get much bigger. When you see a plant at the age yours are with small leaves they usually turn out to be small producers. Not always but more often than not.

Agreed; usually defoliate before flowering for air/light/etc previous grows usually all go at the same or similar rate but this little girl had me second guessing. Thx!