She’s dying and it’s week 10

So it’s week 10! And I’m starting to realize that I messed up my plants! Do I go ahead and chop her down or what do I do? At this point even the sugar leaves are going! Maybe in two more weeks but I don’t think she’ll last that long! Maybe make hash idk

Do you have some pictures?

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Won’t they just be finishing up if it’s week 10 of flower? What’s flower time on your girls

From seedlings to now they is on week 10! And I kinda go by the tricombs to tell me when it’s ready! Even though they’re auto blooms, I understood it was a guesstimate thang and a sales pitch as well!

If they are autos, I’d guess you are closing in on the end of her life. The leaves are like batteries, she is draining them to get all the nutes she can. Just use Ph water from here on out and harvest her in a week or so.

Pics in natural light would be better.

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My first autos took between 110-120 days. Your at 70 I would not chop yet let’s see if we can get more weight on them


Yup be patient. Thryll put on a tad more weight and ull be happy as heck you waited