She’s confused but I’m more confused. Reverting and flowers maturing at the same time?

I had this iLGM Gold Leaf planted outdoor in early Feb. after germination in late Jan, I kept her under grow light because it was too cold but left the light too long not k owing any better. She went into flowering in mid Apr for almost two months. Then 3-4 weeks ago, some new leaves started to come out of some buds. However, some buds seem to keep on with the flower. I just look with 30x lens and think, if I’m not mistaken, that the trichomes are milky. The pistols are browning, don’t know that’s sugn of maturing or it’s just wilting away trying to go back to revegging.

It’s my very fr
Rust time growing so I have absolutely no hands on experience telling what it’s like. The whole plant looks like she’s in flower stage as has been for two months but this past week, the bud branches seem to swell up and spread out more.

Please suggest what she is doing and what should I be doing? Picking off the buds or let her do her own thing?

Thanks a bunch. You guys have been so helpful. Sorry the pictures are not magnified enough.

@AAA @Mrcrabs any thoughts

To see if its revegging they will probably need a picture of the new growth from the top like birds view

Tried to take picture from the lens is hard with light breeze. Here’s the best one I got

The sun’s angle makes it hard to take clear picture, sorry. Here are pictures of the branches.

Yep, looks like she’s revegging now

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@Ning our plants will go through a final stretch a few weeks before she is ready, the pistals going brown is a sign she is almost ready , with your phone depending on the type , you should be able to zoom right in and see the colour of them which you have, they are milky now you just need to keep an eye on them for when the turn tan colour, then there ready. From milky to tan can be just a few days to weeks.keep a close eye on them.


Thanks folks. I’m so excited! Can’t wait for harvest but I guess as she reveg, it will be a while more, weeks, if not months?

If revegging, you are looking at October-ish harvest.

You could harvest the top colas and let the underbrush veg and re-flower, but that decision should be made immediately.

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So I should pick the ones that don’t have leaves budding out now? There are some small buds maturing mix in the same branches as revenging ones. So I should selectively trim the maturing one off, say in a few days once the trichomes has more color? Thanks so much.

You can if you want. I would do it now though to give the plant the maximum amount of time to recover for veg growth.

It’s really a judgement call only you can make.

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Thanks. I think the buds that don’t have young leaves shooting out because she doesn’t have enough energy. I guess trimming some offwill spare energy for revegging. Thanks for advice. I would be so Lisa with out support from generosity from you and folks here.

good luck! Plus you get some product now.

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Thanks, just came in from the garden. As I look closer to find which one to trim, they look more in reveg stage than I thought before. The cola tip has shot up with more leaves so I decided to leave her.

I trimmed a little off and found a couple of molded spots so that got cleaned off too.

So now she’s in the basement drying.

I don’t smoke but might have to try once she is dried up. Got some wraps made with banana leaves last Winter from Thailand to use now. Thai folks use these to roll cigarette for their home grown tobacco.


Right on!

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@Ning…common and no problem if the pistils turn brown and fall off or just hang on.

It does not indicate harvest readiness. It’s the trichomes on the BUDS that signal harvest readiness.

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@tanlover442, thanks. I figure she’s not ready to harvest yet as there’s no color in the trichomes at all. But I hope there’s something in it. Earlier I pulled a male plant that just had a couple of balls showing and cook the leaves. I got atoned so hard the next morning. These girls (and boys) pack a lot of bangs!

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Looks like the cola bit the dust. So I cut it off, now she’s even shorter, less than a foot. I almost pulled her out but saw some new leaves coming out so I left her as is for now.

just let her do her thing. She will come back.

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