She leaning in every direction

Plant limbs are all hanging down.Should I tie’em up


@Thumper1. Yes. Looks like you have a few weeks to go.
Stakes or dowels in the pot will work to tie off to.
Or you can run something down from the top of the tent frame too.


Will do


They make plant yoyos. They hang from the top of tent and hold up heavy limbs


If you move your plants in and out of the tent. For watering or check runoff the bamboo sticks work pretty good. I picked up a pack for less than four bucks.

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If your not already I’d recommend using a form of silica on your next run. I had to tie up all my colas and had a few broken branches. I added silica this time and the branches are stiff AF :v:


Absolutely get that beast tied up or the branches will tear apart. I utilize my ropes off the pulley system I have attached to my HLG’s so I can raise and lower them.

I’ve also used zip ties and paracord to help support my beasts.

Thank u all.Heading out to see what I can find

I use silica too. I also add seed sprout tea (SST,) which really helps too. I don’t introduce it too early though because it can make training a bit of a challenge during veg.

If you’ve never used SST, here’s how to make it:

I use blue corn seeds, but people have used alfalfa and barley seeds. I take a dozen of them and use the wet paper towel method to sprout them in a container until the tap roots are about a half-inch long.

Take the sprouted seeds and the water from the container and put it in a blender with about a pint of water and run the blender until things are as liquefied as you can get them.

Strain the mixture into a gallon of water, shake to mix it up, and feed.

I mix both a few ml of silica and the SST into my regular nutes feedings once every other week once I get near flowering.

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Cool thank you.