She is trying to take a dive!

My girl is 3 months old,
Her pot is 17 gallon been in there since she was 9" high. Now She’s close to 44 inches. The pot is 17" deep. She was getting water and feed every day for the last month and was doing great. The water was reading 1100 PPM during that time PH was 7.4 light is a Advanced LED 180 watt at 18/6 approx height from her was 15" way lower lights were 35 watt 3600k cfl bulbs… room temp day was 80°f in day 80°F at night was doing great.
Treated her for fungus gnats with Monterey B.t.
In spray bottle for 4 days. And yellow sticky paper.
No more gnats.
No problems after spraying.
After a week she began showing leaves curling and drying up so I assumed possible poisoning from spray. Flushed her when signs above showed up two days in a row.
After that I pulled lower lights off of her,
Trimmed lower 1/3 leaves and branches
Because of the heavy trim back I began a less harsh feeding and watering regiment to allow her time to recover.
Perimeters now:
Feeding nutrients 400 PPM M,W,F Ph 6.7
Water plain Ph 6.7 Tue,Thu,Sat, no water Sunday.
Room temp. 80° Day 73° night.
Raised light to 24" above canopy
I leave door open in room at night to keep room temp up been in the 30° mark at night Heat is wood stove 2 rooms over with water on top to create humidity.
As of today don’t see a slowdown in leaves dropping off and orange on leaves?
Pictures are in order of explanation in this post.
All of her clones including the ones in flower are perfect.
Any sugestions are greatly appreciated I have grown fond of her she is my new house plant don’t want to loose her!

Seems more likely that you may have sprayed during light on.
You also have some light burn. Either from the spray, or the lights were too close.
You can leave it or remove it, but the under lighting isn’t necessary, chloroplasts are on the top of the leaves.

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