She is sticky- gg4 auto

idk if i shoulda started this thread but my gg4 autos are def sticky…heres a close up with just my phone


Take a picture of your lady with the lights off and flash on :wink:

@BigCat420 thats what this pic is lol, completely dark room

Lol maybe im just that high? They look amazing tho. I’m excited for my harvest this weekend. Having a trim party and some friends over to celebrate the new year


hell yea, mine aren’t ready yet- super close though


Yeah my gdp got super sticky and coated and the GCK not as much but the GCK got a amazing purple to the leaves

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all im waiting for is the trichs to change color a bit

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@BigCat420 I’m sure both strains will put a smile on your face, but visually, the GDP is crazy.

Just looking at the GDP, you have nod your head and think… “Oh, yeah…”.

I have to ask, what’s the lone plant by the GDP? Afterthought? Late germinator? Just because? LOL.


Not my idea lol. Failed training experiment from a Roommate and when they moved couldn’t take it with them so I figured toss it into flower shes a couple weeks behind

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