She is getting close

I think I am probably 2 weeks from harvest. Colas are developing nicely and buds are plumping up!



Beautiful. Looks like a cactus!


very nice! what strain?

I wish I knew, about a yr back I bought a 1/2 oz off someone and it was some really good orange hair bud. I only got one seed out of the half ounce. Its a weird thing because most weed now days has no seeds, I thought it odd there was one seed in it and I grew this monster from it🤷🏼‍♂️


Thats one wierd lookin pot plant! Great cola formation! Almost 1 solid bud! Good job! Should pull an easy QP off that!


Great job beautiful plant ! She definitely stacked up some serious buds.

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Wow she’s gorgeous, how are you growing indoors in the night, curious about how your so deep into flower

This plant has been outdoors the whole time, she sprouted on April 26 so she is about 17 weeks old.

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Same question

Photos? Last year I started in The first week in April and still wasn’t that far into flower at this point.
Well their beautiful, enjoy.

Uploading: 95BA93F7-F4F4-4D51-AAA5-78A3E53396A6.png… Uploading: B0B02B00-0869-4488-811D-84B6C17CCC03.jpeg… Uploading: 20D4A1F2-86A6-4910-8B97-F71721351484.jpeg… Uploading: DD162B46-F19F-4526-B698-1A31E67DF098.jpeg… Uploading: D69C2ECE-7653-4C7F-A379-3F128B2EEA4C.jpeg… Uploading: D7DE1574-B9B5-4ADE-A9D3-70137EA9FEE7.jpeg… Uploading: D5E69AF9-2D34-4FC4-BDCD-80214DC3E067.jpeg… Uploading: CB57CED5-7C0A-402F-985C-3A2D9AFD90CB.jpeg… Uploading: 3E761187-49AE-4F9A-B65A-828F92FA1ACA.jpeg… Uploading: C11CED3D-FD68-4EF5-95A4-B45C32D906C2.jpeg… Uploading: 37530965-3D74-4F8F-A7D3-F19884DB441A.jpeg… Uploading: 70781692-D854-43F2-8518-FBBDCD587BF0.jpeg… Uploading: A6DF7335-58E3-4FE2-A361-538027596C14.jpeg… Uploading: B9E651F7-9FAE-412E-B89A-FD53628B4925.jpeg…

incredible, I have to learn that, trimming

Honestly, I have no idea what Im doing. I just followed some advice I found on here and hoped for the best. Im pretty sure this plant is a sativa so having said that it may very well be another 3-4 weeks to harvest which would put the plants total life cycle at around 5.5 months which I believe is fairly typical for a sativa strain.

You did well! What part of the globe do you live on? I’m guessing you’ve had less than 12 hours of daily light or you’ve been bringing her inside early?

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I live in the North Eastern USA.

I live in Massachusetts im a little bit behind, and I’m growing Banana Kush which starts early. this year I started first of June end of May

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