She is flowering but I have a question

So I wish to know, if its normal for tricombs(im no good at spelling) to cover the really long leaves that protrude from the bud. Because i know when i got the seed the bud wasnt that good but maybe since it hasnt been seeded she could be good. Just want to make sure she looks healthy.


Yes they even grow on the stems and under the leaves too. They get covered. Yours look great

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your doing fine let the tricomes are cloudy and a little amber :sunglasses:

R. U kidding…they look great !
Why don’t you enter the! In pur Bud of the month contest

Here is the link to the contest. September 2016 Bud of the Month Contest



what strain is this ?? my supersilver haze done this as well …keep the alcohol handy for your scissors come harvest ,youll need it …Hammer

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Ooooooo… Frosty!

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It’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

Just another classic example of why your own buds will be much more satisfying than what you could buy already harvested.

Getting there is half the fun…

By the way…great job!

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I would love too but its not from the seedbank. Or through your site. I
love the information i read though cuz its helped me grow what you saw.
Would I still be able to enter?

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I have no idea. The weed it came from was total crap honestly…

And alcohol? What do u mean?

The entries for September BON contest closed Midnight the 13th; As it will every month. :slight_smile:

So, please do not ask members to join until after the 1st of October. Thanks for all your help Will


My plant isnt from you guys. But it was grown with the information helping
me produce this through research on the site and studying and experimenting
with seeds from meh weed… but, it was seedy so the weed isnt as good so
this isnt seeded.

Regardless, I dont know its strain, nor is it from you seed bank. So i dont
feel as though I would be eligible.

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@MoonprincessSerenity22 . yeah sorry ,but it does have to be from ILGM or AMS or affiliated seed banks .Sorry :wink: But she’s doing you proud away ,and i hope you keep posting more picts as she progresses …And By the way the alcohol is to keep the resin from building up on your scissors every few minutes . :grinning:

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