She got baked ac died can I save herpistils aren't amber they're dead

Sad day. Ac died and I didn’t know soon enough. Got to 91°f for 6-8 hours. Only 4 weeks till harvest. Giving her just phd water today. What can I do if anything to try to save her?

I think it’ll be alright.

That’s music to my ears. Keeping her at 79° max today. Thanks! Not giving up.

That’s my tent earlier today. Whole grow has hit 88-90 every day for hours on end…maybe mine are just used to it? They can take it I bet you’ll be just fine.


Yeah she’s not used to it. I’d say maybe 75-80% of hers leaves cooked including some sugar leaves. Hope she doesn’t hermie. I freaked out and my heart sank lol. Thanks all. The aroma also went from awesome to almost nothing but I know that changes anyway.

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I can be understand…all the time and work put in. I’ll be hoping for ya.

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Shit looks like my pre 98 at 11 weeks

I had temps in the high 90’s for about 30 days of my grow. Just gave lots of water during those hot spells. Cant’t AC the area I am in. These plants see temperature extremes like this outdoors naturally. At first I panicked when I saw the temp was 97F but dealt with it as best I could with 3 fans and the exhaust moving air. Had a couple days where they ran low on water and drooped some, much longer and they would have suffered big time. I think you will be ok just keep them watered good on those extreme temp days.

We have 92F forecast for tomorrow so tent will climb in the higher 90’s. Come Tuesday Wednesday highs only in the mid 50’s. Big swings coming my way. Stick with them.

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Since she got heat stress and lost 99% of her fan leafs now over about a 30 hour period she has this new growth popping up everywhere. I’m thinking new bud sites maybe but want to confirm it’s not hermie starting. Hair seems otherwise.

Just swollen calyxes. You’re good.