She finally ready to chop? Ir is she just dying?

Mexican airlines in ocean forest in 5 gallon fabric pot. Sf1000… Been going since september…temp, ph,and so many other issues but shes still alive i think. Was supposed to be an auto but turned out to be a photo. Switched to 1212 months ago…
Ive been doing biothrive 224 and dr earth bud and bloom before that, every other watering. Been trying to get her out of the tent so i can move my other 2 veg in there.
Im ready to just chop. Should i just chop to practice druing and curing? It doesnt look good and its been going for a long time. Will she be potent at all? Is she dead?


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Looks like it is in that window for harvesting


Plant looks like its dieing you might as well harverst now I dont think keeping it going any longer is gonna help. Every leaf on the plant is curled up and turning brown those leaves will never recover. I dont see any unaffected buds or leaves. Something happened near the end to cause that. Id guess either over fed or under fed or PH lock out caused that.

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Both ready and dying.

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Ok is there a way u can get some closer pics of the main branching and other branches. The main looks awful brown most of the way up the stalk and could be a sign of stem rot or root issues. Super close to harvest time depending if u want alot of couch lock or not. I’d look into those stems tho as the appear awful brown from pics I see here. Good luck. Tag away with the @symbol in front of the name to get their attention