Shatter's Vegetable Garden


@highcountrygal it’s getting there

Finally got them tomatoes planted next is my serano peppers have a great day my friends


THATS JUST AMAZING! Nice set up with rain barrel on wheels. Cant believe i never thought to try that. Lol i grow berrys to make wine we give for xmas and other gifts (we drink it too:) and we grow most all our own herbs, and veggys. Had to down size bc we moved to a smaller house, but we do ok in raised bed gardens, while i work on the native soil. This is a really cool journal, glad i found it. Ill post some garden picts when im back home at end of the week. We got carrots, peppers, onions,potatoes, garlic, sage, mint ,dill, basil st.johns wort, lemon balm, celantra, just to name a few and too many flowers to name. Until i met my wife @MommaBear420 i always loved plants better people.


The Barrel on the trailer I use to hold my plant food, mixing 55 gallons at a time is the same work as mixing 5 gallon at a time, why bother with the weights and measures 11 times to achieve the same thing? Plus fertilizing is accurate, no waste, no bending over, and a breeze!

I’m planing on making a hanging garden that utilizes a clear plastic corrugated roof to collect nitrogen rich rain water for watering with other towers devoted entirely to hydroponics and automatic watering (ebb and flow) I figure 3 sections high ought to do 18 ft. they have stairs and decks integrated in the tower sections.

It was a communications tower, not any more!

The photo is just makeshift.


Here’s the girls lately, I’ve really stayed on top of monitoring their food needs without going over, just like the old TV show with Bob Barker “the price is right”.

Take care of your plants and you won’t have to endure the bums-rush wonder-why as they head south on you!

I’ve been feeding my sapling peach trees, Waldo, and my peppers with our hydroponic grow mix at almost 2 1/2 strength , and soon zucchini, cucumbers, and squash!

Sun, water, and the right nutrients makes it all worth while!

Here’s a peach saplings planted last year and already bearing fruit!

Our grow mix is really helping it get established, the new growth is really soft and fleshly, a telltale sign of no lacking nutrients or nutrient imbalance.

The peppers are also responding well to the feedings.

Waldo really likes the stuff! She hasn’t complained yet!

I’ll include the vine varieties in my next update, right now they’re only sprouts and I don’t fertilize sprouts until they’ve exhausted their on-board food supply, or otherwise proverbial baby fat…


Whooo weeee, you gots it going on my friend, awsome update. Can’t hide Waldo no more. @Shatter


In the world of motor-sports it’s called smooth steady shifting without breaking loose and crashing!

There’s still over 100 laps to go! Plenty of time to loose control! I just wanna make it over the FINISH LINE like everyone else!


Figs starting to get ripe @highcountrygal @Shatter


Cantaloupes ain’t far behind


Here’s a great trick for breaking up clumps during mixing of transplant potting soil.

I use a cement mixer with a ball of chicken wire to mix in perlite and break up any clumps giving me maximum fluff and mixing.

This bud’s FOR ME!


@highcountrygal here’s our cantaloupe sweetie )

@Shatter @Happy_Pappy still more to come


Mrscrabs and @Mrcrabs Oh look at those beauties! Have a taste for me. Things are getting better hopefully soon it will be done. Just had a stealth moment to say high and I love and miss you!


Heck with the melon. What’s in the pill bottle?


I sure do miss my sweet @highcountrygal. Feeling lonely.:confused:


I sure will, @highcountrygal we miss you also, take care


@Happy_Pappy tomorrow!


I hope everyone is enjoying their harvest season! :cowboy_hat_face:

Here’s an update from shatter’s garden. :man_farmer::

I just started growing tomatoes this year outdoor hydroponics, judge for yourself in the photos below, I’ll never use dirt again! The peppers were grown on our plant food in a soil medium, the tomatoes in perlite mixed with coarse vermiculite.

With the light hours decreasing I’m increasing the P (flower mix). The fruit is becoming robust with the plant being healthy and blight free.

With the high heat and humidity I’m gonna have to spray soon with water and baking soda to battle the blight, I was hoping for some dryer air but no such luck.

The good;

Here in New England by the time the buds come around the temperature and humidity drops reducing the chance of bud rot, it enables us to grow some pretty fat buds before mold and rot can ruin your day.


Thing are looking good in Shatters Garden . Well done !


Thank-you, SeedDog, but I spoke too soon, we’ve had record rains and humidity, my feet are wet every day! The blight has set in and many lost their gardens, my peppers survived mostly because they’re in pots and are able to remove the water and run drier than in the ground causing over watering and subsequent root suffocation. My peaches are record large! Bigger than any other year! I bet the tree rings for 2018 are larger than any other year for more than 20 years! Or since I’ve been growing peaches!


Strange weather for lots of folks this year . The blight is here also and got my tomatoes . This property had apple , pear, and plum trees years ago but are gone now . I can remember as a kid picking and eating large [ still green ] pears . I got one apple tree left , I should clone it . lol . Garden is a hobby that keeps me out of trouble , sort of .


@Seeddog, yea, my tomatoes have that look!

The ones being grown hydroponically 3 ft. off the ground are still alive and withering fast!

I would have sprayed them with baking soda but the reservoir is open and catches everything, the pH will turn alkali and kill them that way.

My gardening also keeps me out of trouble sorta.

My land was a colonial plantation at one time, I’ve found native/Indian artifacts including burial sites!

One site I call Chiefy his rock pile was the biggest, When building my garage I situated the footings between the graves as not to disturb them, (respect) (what little of it we have left).