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Welcome to Shatter’s Vegetable Garden, I’m your host, Shatter, feel free to post your garden pictures, hints, tips, and green-thumb wisdom. All are welcome.

I started this topic shortly after creating an IV water feeder using a bucket, surgical tubing, hose clamp, and wand for extended reach.

Now everything is filling in on a 4’ X 8’ surface, harder to see the planter from above . Watering became next to impossible with any kind of coordination. The hanging bucket uses gravity feed, and my fingers to pinch off the flow effortlessly. I’m not missing and getting water allover the place.

It works better than anything else I ever concocted when watering on a large crowded table. I use 1/3 the water from not spilling and my control is accurate with less disturbance to the plants. I look under the canopy while reaching in from above with the wand and its easy!

Feel free to create one yourself, my watering time has been slashed way down and much more accurate, plus no back and knee ache caused by precariously reaching over while holding 7 lbs. pr gallon of water and hitting the plants by accident.

It’s a real time saver, I should have done it sooner!

I’m making a 55 gallon tow behind feeder that works identical in principle but much more capacity.

When these little guys start seeing the June heat and growth from long light hours I’ll need to think bigger!

Should I go super big and just buy a used fire engine? Just kidding. Feel free to post your comments and innovations!

It’s reminiscent of a waterspout filling a steam locomotive, and you know those old time Railroad tycoons, they wanted everything done fast and efficient! Good ideas never die, they’re always reincarnated!


Awesome work my friend, lovley garden.

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Most people here have a SCROG, well I do not but what I do have is a SCROT

Screen of Tomatoes

And they are loaded! Sweet Million Cherry tomato on the left, Cherokee Purple on the right


I’ve got the salt shaker waitin’ What time did you say your plane was landing? lol!

Did you get a chance to see the measurements of those colas? I think I tagged you. Holy cola batman!


I love your SCROTE!

I have 5 or 6 sheets of lattus I haven’t used, I’m borrowing your idea and I’m not returning it!


@Shatter I will send you my bill! lol I had this old fence that I almost threw out, sure glad I didn’t. Keep me posted!

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Only if it has dead presidents or Ben Franklin printed in it, all other bills get returned to sender!


Here’s a little vertical garden I’ve got going on. @highcountrygal @Shatter


here’s my aloe Vera garden, just got some needed rain!! Some in pulling out weeds.


@Mrcrabs and the Mrs. Good morning! Oh I love it! Let me guess cucumbers, squash and morning glories? I have always wanted to do that but when it gets really hot I get lazy and let it go. I don’t have a fence now. Did you know if your cucumbers grow curved they will be very bitter and not very good! FYI Also if you grow tomatoes and get blossom end rot add gypsum and maintain a consistant watering schedule! I knew about the gypsum but just learned about the watering.


Jeeze I just threw out a ton of aloe vera, I offered it for free no one wanted it:(

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. Gots to have your tomatoes


You got it we have cucumber, melons, pumpkins , cilantro and some morning glories.

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Here some more seedling ready for transplant. Key lime, herba buna(mint family),Oregon , basil, rosemary and Serrano, jalapeño .


If I couldn’t garden my life would be awfully dull! It is my life passion!


Its like therapy for me, relaxing in your own little sanctuary!!

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Watering the plants in a SCROG has its problems for sure . I bought this small battery powered transfer pump and it works really well for a smaller area . Cost about 12.00 bucks on Amazon .

. It works on tomatoe plant too ! :rofl:


Yerba Buena! It grows wild here. Is key lime a tree? (not trying to correct you, sorry) If you are a pepper fan I have got to tell you about my accidental find last year. I found this one little pepper plant and could find no others (Home D) Shishito Pepper. It is a sweet spicy pepper not hot. It was the most prolific pepper I have ever grown. It is a delicacy in Japan but not well known here. I fell in love with them and I now have six plants growing. I could eat them every day. Here is how simple, pick them leaving about an inch of stem, toss in a very small amount of oil, I use olive, till just slightly coated. Cast iron works best, get your skillet just to the point of smoking and toss the peppers in, you want to blacken them but not burn, stirring around a lot takes about 15 minutes not any less. When done I grind garlic sea salt on them and eat them till gone. They are good both hot and cold.


Thanks for the info, didn’t know about gypsum

Key lime is a lime tree.

great for lemonade.