Sharing the Grow Boston

Hi. We have this going on, in some but not all of our plants. They are White WidowxAK47. Would you be so kind to let me know if you found out anything about fixing, or just leaving alone? We put Azomite trace minerals on our plants, which are in the ground and are waiting to see if it changes anything.
It’s kind of a weird symptom, isn’t it? Thanks!

It is a little weird. Think I am leaving alone since only 1small branch of 6 plants. If I read anything can let you know.

looking good…looks like 7ft or so. some dry weather would be good!!

Yes indeed! I have that on my brocilli heads. It is bug poop that turns to a black fungus. I’m lucky That my outdoor ingrounds don’t have any.

Get out!? I thought it had a different smell than surrounding branches too. Well seems I should remove said branch

Now it looks like I over did it on some nutes. Thought there might be enough nitrogen but apparently not. After dose of Big Bloom and Tiger my Super Lemon…this was result. Took a couple days but hoping I can recover. Since in flower and all trying not to give too much nitrogen.

Other than flushing a little bit…is it even worth trying to add a little nitrogen. It would probably be a half dose of grow big

What are you doing to control humidity inside the greenhouse?