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Hello Everyone

After a rough start for myself, swampy soil, we have turned these ladies into something nice, Just did a bunch of trimming, LST, FIMing and HST which ended up being little too aggressive. Those branches now have splints.
2nd year grow…See what happens. Prepping for flower. Anyone else doing the same around the area?


Nice your hard work is paying off great grow

They look nice. I’m from the area. I do outdoor also. I have some in ground and some in pots. I really experimented this year with topping, mainlining,fimming and lst. I got a little aggressive with bending a couple and snapped them near base. One I just used electrical tape and the other I had to tape a splint to secure but its still half broken but seems ok. Did you use ilgm seeds? I ordered some and they were shipped on 6/11 and I still have not received. They were autos but I think I will have to save them for next year. Good luck with your grow.

Hi butch. Just got my order from mid June today. First order was seized. Send them an email, worked for me. Also gonna try to start an autoflower now in Boston, wish me luck lol

I just got an email from them, they are going to reship. Mine probably got seized with yours. Keep me updated on your auto. If I get mine before the end of July I will try one. I have a greenhouse I can use if necessary. What strain did you buy? I got blueberry.

Heres a pic of mine. Stealth is a must for me.


Hello Butch – yes they are all ILGM seeds. Closest one in photo was only seed from Durban Poison grow last year and still have to look out for male signs on this one. Ordered early during Christmas/New Years special. Official start in 1gal pot was May15. Happy Growing

Mine started to show sex in early June. I started them indoors in March but had to put them outside in April because the smell. They had a rough couple months because it was cold and we got some snow. I had them up against my foundation in full sun and had a clear plas

tic dome over them. I was surprised they survived. Only one was a male. It was in full flower in May and I saved some pollen. I think it was an auto. I might try to pollinate a few branches to get some seeds. That Durban Poison takes a long time to finish. My grow last year started flowering around second week of August. Heres a pic from mid June when they started to show their sex.

***Butchbrooks----once a plant gets seeded, even one bud, the whole plant then changes chemistry to produce seeds. Unseeded buds on same plant will still grow, but, will not be as strong as the unseeded Ladies.

Good to know. I still might sacrifice one for the cause. I woder if I introduced some pollen on calyx before flowering it will force it into full flower mode.

Hello again everyone, been a bit. My ladies have been growing officially since May15 and this past week looking more like start of flower. Since last post I have topped, FIMed and performed what should be last major trim this weekend…Which brings the question…How does my trimming look? Too Much? Not Enough? They 6 different plants in 15gal pots and 5ft+ tall.
Try to convert a lot of Indoor Growing information to Outdoor as there is less info for outdoor grows per se.


Ummm, Yea. Are you using your shed to initiate flowering cycle? I’ve had great luck over the years starting the cycle at or before Aug1 and giving them 12/12 until Aug.21 then use the shed to protect them during flowering from severe weather and frost, plus the mid to late October sunlight becomes poor at these northern latitudes, encourages mold and other problems at the worst possible time!

Good luck! Around here YOU NEED IT!

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I am not using a shed. Natural light cycle as last year. Seemed to work last year OK except for the 3 hurricanes which came through and started spreading bud rot. I did purchase a 10x9x8 greenhouse this year to keep direct rain water from collecting on flowers. Hope this increases survival this year :smile:

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They look great. Mine have really stretched the past couple of weeks and are starting to show signs of flowering.


Greetings from Boston

On my Gold Leaf I presently have 1 branch for at least 2 weeks all flowers are coming out purple. Rest of the plant pretty green. Have transitioned over from pre-flower into flower formula now. Only 1 of the 5 to do so. Anyone seen something like this before?
Providing top photo of the girls all in flower with the lanky Blueberry taking up the rear.

There was someone else that has that happening. It was @Frenchiesu

how’s your garden going Butch? my over view picture was too big…see if I can get one up after work tonight. just picked up a 10x20 greenhouse. hoping this will protect the girls from morning dew and extend growing into October. Moisture was the killer/obstacle last year.

I went away for a couple weeks and had someone water once for me. When I got home the plants that are in pots looked droopy and lots of yellow and brown fan leaves. I cleaned them up and after all the rain they bounced back. They grew at least a foot while I was away and are starting to flower. They well be fine. I’m hoping for a sunny and dry September. Bud rot was bad last year and can wipe out everything quickly.

The fence is about 3 1/2 ft. tall.

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