Sharing my collection of books

My personal collection of books. If anyone interested, feel free to download. I am running out of the space in this google drive, so I may need to move it to a different location. But I will leave it open as long as I can.

Cannabis Growing Reference Books
Link 1

Cannabis Growing Reference Books
Link 2

Cannabis Cook Books

Hydroponic Books

** More on Cannabis Reference **

** Korean Natural Farming (KNF) **

@RandomlyRan You just post and mentioned me RE: my old book download post. Here are the new links. I don’t know who all interested in this, so if you know of anyone here, please tag them. Thanks,


Thanks! Will do.

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Thanks for sharing !

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Thanks for the tag and thanks for sharing, I will absorb this knowledge as time permits.

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Thanks, that’s very nice of you! :nerd_face:

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Ty for tagging me Enlightened. Id like to learn more about which are good resources.


Gotta clear some space up. I’ll be back… bookmarked