Shaky hands needs magnification remedy

Hi. I bought a mini digital microscope but was unable to focus, same problem with phone magnifiers and I don’t have much money.
Also, what is the deal with mini dehumidifiers? I have one plant in a nook in my bedroom. Although it is taking in some water, the humidity never goes down.


I have had similar issues with both.

I have a Vivosun tent mini dehumidifier… It sucks. Good constant air flow is better and I have a large self draining dehumidifier in the room with the tent.

The best i have found for looking at tricomes is taking a small sample and use the scope on a stable surface. Otherwise a 60x jewelers loupe or usb microscope attached to a pc or laptop. Make sure to have fans off to stop plant movement.


Had the same issue. This solved it. Desk mount microphone stand. Fuller adjustable and my microscope slip right into the microphone grip. 10.00 amazon. I did have yo make the wood stand.



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Had to think outside the box


Not knowing exactly what you are growing in, I will say this, mini dehumidifier do little to almost nothing typically in a tent.

If you want to reduce the RH in your grow “whatever” you have them in, you need to get a room dehumidifier, and reduce the room RH, not what they are in.


I am growing in soil in a canvas pot in a 3X3.5 nook in a bedroom with walls painted with reflective paint on three sides and a sliding panel (also relective) on the forth
The panel is 5 ft tall and the space above is open. The mini is inside the nook with the plant and the a/c vent is closed and so is the door to the room. I live in the DC metro area and summers here are hot and humid. The humidity in the nook is often higher than outside. It is currently at 60% and my plant is flowering. How serious is keeping humidity low during flowering?
And thank you for responding.

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60% is getting a little high for flowering. If it jumps up to 80% over night for a couple nights in a row you will have mold. You have air moving around the top of the colas? To me a good light, water quality and a good 30+ pint dehumidifier are the 3 most important things when growing indoors. Unless you’re in the desert, you will need a dehumidifier.

Typically you want to keep your RH between 40%50% for flowering. However that’s perfect condition, and not everyone can confirm to it.

If your running AC, I would open the vent, and see if that in itself will bring it down. If it does, now would be a good time to change the intake filter in your home, if you haven’t done so.

Humidity is not the end all be all, yes some strains can get mold if to high, some strains don’t, it’s not always about the %. Conditions etc, play a part.

Humidity is also a factor in the smell of ripe buds.

If you can take a picture of the environment we could possibly help more, upload it, it’s filtered in this forum, no one will see where it’s from.

Happy growing!

I went the camera tripod route


Nice plant, now teach me how to do that]

I use a portable scope with a stand. Trim a couple of calyxes off onto a plate, take the sample back to my desk and look at the trichs.

Chinese selfie stick/stand
Works both for the smartphone and the handheld microscope (i have one of those, impossible to take a pic with your hands)


Both great solutions. Thznks!

What type of microscope app do you use.