Shade Cloth or Clear Plastic?

Transplanting seedlings into 5gal fabric pots (black) and moving to outdoor. Avg day temp. 90 F, Avg rainfall 4" per month, some months get 8".
Question is should I use a Shade Cloth to protect from excessive heat? Should I also use clear plastic to protect from rain?
I also have option of green corrugated plastic roof sheets I can use instead of both options above.

I say if you can protect them from the heat then do so. They’ll survive okay, as long as you water them often.

I would try to shield it from rain once you get into flower to help prevent mold/bud rot

I thought sun and rain were good for plants lol are they tiny?

Technically yes but moisture trapped on dense flowering buds = mold/bud rot = product loss

Gotcha but only for flower. They’re seedlings I though. Id go with clear like a greenhouse

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Yeah. Absolutely fine in veg