Sf 2000 watt led grow light

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Hi i have just bought a sf 2000 watt, is it any good?

The spider farmer 2000?
It is a 200 (I believe) watt light, good for one or two plants. Better than the Amazon blurple lights for sure.

Yes it’s a spider farmer 2000, i have a 90x90 tent is the light strong enough to grow good bud ?

what is the size & shape of the area you are trying to cover?

Hi its 90x90 tent

The sf 2000 has a 2x4 foot flower coverage. Not nearly enough for that space.

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90cm x 90cm so will 2 Sf 2000 lights be enough?

90cm is about 3 feet.
So 3 foot by 3 foot is 9sqft.

And the grow light covers 2 by 4
So 2ft by 4 ft is 8sqft

I think it really just depends how many plants you’re doing. If you plan to pack that tent, you should probably spring for a second light just to be safe and if you move up tent sizes In the future you’d likely have enough lights. Plus they are on sale on amazon for $300 right now.

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I have sent for the second one, i think i will have enough light then.
Each light pulls 200 watt

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I think i got it right up to now


Looks good!

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