SF-2000 - requesting feedback for germination and early veg settings

Hi all. Need some advice from the experienced SF owners on here. Last grow I upgraded from a blurple to a SF-2000 about 21 days in and had amazing results for the remainder of the veg through flower. On this current grow, I’m 10 days in and the the girls just don’t seem to be happy…they look good in regards to color but just growing VERY slowly. I’d say my day 10 is looking more like day 3 compared to previous grows. I’m suspecting a combination of too much light and too close. What do ya’ll have for recommendations on distance and power level that works well for you? Much thanks in advance.

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I have a sf-4000 and in the manual it explains what percentage you should have dimer at for seedling g/veg/flower…
Also they give you a height distance for seedling/veg/flower…
I have been leaving my light at about 24”-30” and plants seem to be loving the distance…
As you come along with your grow I would move up a few inches or move down and see how the plant reacts and go from there.
Fortunately for you you have landed on the best forum on growing cannabis and you will be ok…
Happy growing


I’m running my 2000 at 60% now.
I just did my first major defoliation. I’m hoping to flip in two weeks. By then I’ll be up to 80%. I raised it about 10% per week (depending on the plants).
I stayed at around 40% until two weeks ago.
The 4000 has internal adjustments so I just keep that one up higher.
The 2000 is at 18 inches ± from the canopy.
Hope that this helps a little.
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