Sexting the plant help

Can any body tell if theses r male or female .there 3 months old and in veg.and getting to big have to top them or start flouring with stronger light. I have a 2’4’5/‘night tent .candy kush seeds Feminized seeds been growing for 3/ months with a argurobright e39 lamp with reflector 125watt cool 6400k cfl .i have 3 plants that are about 2/ 3’ high in 5 gallon smart pots in hydro farm dirt . Started using nutrients the second month .so far so good no problems I have trimmed and started one clone from each plant Just put the clones under a 125watt equivalent led light 150 chip corn light e26 2800lms 26watt cool daylight 6000k.see if that work s for vegging i hope .we shall see trying to save electricity.but I’m ready to start going to 14 hrs of light to start the blooming stage for my other three plant in the 2/4/5/ grow tent .just trying to decide if I should purchase a 200watt warm e39 2700k cfl and see how that works for the blooming stage or hold out and save a little more more money any get a kind 600l led which should be good for my set up I’m thinking .or just go the cheap route and get the 200 watt 2700 cfl .kinda haveing a hard time deciding should break th bank and get the good light or just b basic and get the blooming light that fits in my lamp.its hard to decide cause the led light will save on electricity and better spectrum then the cfl .ya da yada yada I know . And plus I don’t know the sex of them .is there any way of finding out by killing the light for a shorter period of Time for 2 day s .

Can’t tell sex yet. Yes you can cut the light shorter to force them, but will take longer then 2 days. Maybe a week.

What like 3or 4 days of 13 hrs of light u think have them on 18/6 right now.

Mabey a week mabey 2 I’m rather sup used that it’s 3 months old and nor showing sex yet. But here’s what you can do. 1 take a cutting from each plant, fill up a water bottle wit ph water and place cutting in water (just like trying to clone with straight water) and find a place where they can get a full 12 hrs of darkness every night and the cutting will reveal it’s sex then you will know what’s male or female


Oh and cfl vs led
Cfl you are not going to get the same bud structure. Cfl are usually a bit fluffy and don’t dense up led will probably help to get a bigger yeild. If it were me I’d get a led and the cfl and run them together

Safe to say females usually a pair of balls is a dead giveaway

First plant is female…little flower pod at stalk is clue. Position also.

Can’t tell with rest.

1----3 months is plenty. ESPECIALLY with a 2’x4’x5’ tent. Setup 12/12 schedule…NOW…or they will out grow the tent and be into the lights. They will show soon. Also change your feeding nutes to bloom

K thanks for the info :slightly_smiling_face::call_me_hand:.tan lover 442 nice .just got back from the boat definitely will get tan out here in Fl.

internet posting said menthol shaving cream will take burn out of sunburn.

get a small bright flashlight and hold sideways to suspected female seed pods…they will show two very fine white hairs…if female.

Would that b ph up or ph down.

K tl442 I was thinking about topping these plants and trimming makeing them all just about the same height let’s say cut them all down to about 2/ 3 ‘ tall get a couple clones ya know because I think they already r going to hit the lights if I don’t when I put them in bloom mode.then wait a about 2 week to let them heal depending on how there looking .the only reason I’m trying to kill some time befor the blooming stage is because I’m going to purchase a good quality led light and not one of those cheap ass ones that r full of shit on what they say .im thinking a kind k600 or a kind 450 California solar flare 440 with uv or a or a advanced spectrum led grow light s 360 .money is the issue and I know less r way more efficient on the electricity and less heat and all the way around better I will have about 450 -500 to spend on one in about 2 more weeks and I just don’t want to go the cheap way or the waste of money on electricity way for blooming .been looking on eBay for a min now for one but it’s looking more n more like I’m better off to just buy a new one I’m thinking problem advanced spectrum s 360 or a kind 600 or possibly one of those g8 lights actual 210 watt one veg/ to have the solar flare 440 with uv but I’m bidding on e bay for it and we’ll u know how that wks u always get out bidded or the guy who’s selling it bids to make sure he don’t give it away .k so anyways that’s my delima if u can understand all that.any recommendations.iv grow before up to the beginning of bloom mode then I had to stop don’t ask.and iv never topped a plant before have trimmed and cloned .k ttyl

Don’t switch to bloom nuits until you see flowers starting so hold off on bloom nuits till week 2-3 of flower

@Tallguy there are people on here that can help you with building a good led for like 180 to 250 bucks let me get @Countryboyjvd1971 I think he has a good idea of who knows he’s been here longer then me

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@dbrn32 @MAXHeadRoom are hoth knowledgeable on this subject
@BigDaddyCain hopefully one of them sees the tag and jumps in

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Cool ty I wasn’t sure who it was I was talking to them a few weeks ago lol

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Thanks for tag @Countryboyjvd1971

We can definitely help you build if that’s the route you wanna go @Tallguy. If you’re looking to buy a high performance led fixture, check out horticulture lighting group, timber grow lights, or pacific light concepts. They’re going to be quite a bit better than the “good lights” you mentioned.

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