Sexing Sativa pre-flowers


I have 5 non-feminized Durban Poisons coming to the end of week 2 following switch to 12/12. I see lots of pre-flowers, but all look much the same and I cannot determine sex based on what I’m seeing today (see pics).
Any thoughts? How long might I have before males produce pollen?




That’s bad luck. All male, unfortunately.


The pointy bits coming from the top of the buds will not be pistels? The pics of male pre-flowers I’ve seen seem to show male buds as rounder in shape and “bald”.


To my eyes, photo number two is the only one that could possibly be female. The rest are confirmed male.


I agree those are all boys.


@Fever @3high5you @Familyman420 How far off are they from shedding pollen do you think? Thanks for the help. 1st timer grower who will only use feminized seeds from here on out :slight_smile:


3-4 weeks yet, but you should rip them asap.


Sorry bro you got males there


All boy’s… :angry::angry::angry::rage::triumph:
Kill them asap… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


BOYS! kill them all :sob:


5 of 5 males, that sucks! If there’s no other plants on there, I’d either get a female in for a seed run or try to collect some pollen for future use.


Its a sausage fest.


Bummer! They atleast look very healthy.


Yes, very healthy and I was very excited to be starting flowering, so quite a bitter disappointment. Oh well, fortunately I have some feminized seeds I can start now. And I’ve learned a lot so hopefully my next grow will be a success.


Right on @Hogfather keepin it positive👍🏼


Wanna borrow my hatchet? Sorry brother.


I did say I was a novice, right? After I removed the obvious males from the SCROG I realized I had 2 plants of a very different phenotyp

e. Please tell me these are girls!


Yes they are
Have a cigar


Its a girl what are you using to take pics nice and clear