Sexing Plant (Tell Me it ain’t so)

This plant started Veg around Jun. 16-17 5 -6 weeks into veg . Light is Valoya BX120 Canna + , FoxFarm trio with 10lb fiber bag, soil is Happy Frog , Potting and CoCo coir mixture with perlite and small Amt mulch to help with moisture retention. I am concerned the small pods near the branch intersection may indicate a Hermie or I may be over-caution. I attached three photos.

Get a few close ups

It does appear so. Others will confirm.

No your not a Hermie, worst case is telling me she’s a he.

I could be wrong but nodes are make classic male single branches not classic dual branching.

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Straight up male by the looks of it.

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Here are some closeups with and without light , if confirmed what are the options get rid of it now !!

Definitely a male.
Remove it. If its the only one start over I guess.