Sexing my plants

Just an update on my plant. I asked for help on sexing one of my plants. I got alot people give me advice and help so thanks to all of you. Turned out it is a female. I was nervous as hell. Because i put alot of time into that one plant,and didn’t want to start over. Although i have more plants, she’s my first. Is that crazy or what, i muat be losing it. DAAAM. Thanks again for your help. Peace two fingers.


They’re looking good :heart_eyes: @Bnunu

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It’s never crazy to get invested in your plants and the first few are always nerve racking after those you realise the damn things are hardy I clone from mothers so every time I get new seeds I feel same way. Hoping the last couple months of work wasn’t wasted :wink: and that the mother I select is the perfect one and I didn’t flower out the best one’s rather than keeping it for a mother


Thanks, can’t wait for the harvest

Yeah your right it is nerve racking. I cloned this plant as a test and it’s growing well. Will upload pic later.have a good one and happy stress free growing lol. peace two fingers.

Great to hear the good news bro! Happy growing

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Thanks stay tuned for more updates.

I was just curious what are you growing in? (Ie) media…


Coco coir, cow manure, perlite, and organic soil. All mixed together. And i use black magic nutrient A/B and black magic bloom.

What’s on top… It looks like a peace of Styrofoam or something…


Oh,My bad that’s play sand, I had a gnat problem

As you water through the sand does it tend to pack up in your soil causing it to be less aerated ?


No i haven’t had any problems. I add feed to the top just enough to wet sand . and the rest. I pour in the bottom tray. And let it do it’s think. It works for me

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This is a clone i took from this plant. I didn’t think it would root, but when it did, it took off.

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