Sexing marijuana plants by smell?

I was smelling one of my friend’s marijuana plants that were in vegetative growth. I ran my hands over the leaves and smelled the aromas that the action produced. The plants that we had already determined to be female had a much more pungent, skunky aroma than the males (which just smelled “green”). Can this be a way to test for plants with an unknown sex? It seems realistic considering that marijauna females have more resin than males.

This is a great observation that deserves further investigation. Even so, many cannabis breeders try to find the most fragrant male to cross with their females to produce potent females for the next crop. Your method would essentially demarcate the females and the most potent and/or resinous males. It would point out bad females and most males in general. This is certainly something many growers would be interested in as a method to pre-sexing. You don’t want to get rid of anything based on smell, but you can mark each plant and then see how accurate you were when they start to flower.


Being new to growing and damn near blind from old age I need all the help I can get in sexing plants, especially when dealing with plants from seeds from friends and bag seeds. I have 2 plants now that started as fem seeds but have been stressed big time. Right now they have another week before I change to 12/12 lighting. In fact they are in soft pots so it’ll be a process of 12 hours outside and 12 hours dark room. One has long, slender pre-flowers with pale green “rods” protruding so I take it to be fem although I guess the chance of it being hermie still exists. I’m cluless on the second plant though. In particular the central stem right in the top died very early on and it has grown on with a bifurcated stem. It is growing well and is quite bushy although it has no preflowers in the any of the lower branch nodes.

Both plants are to the point of smelling very skunky especially when touched. I’ve seen some debate on whether or not odor can be an aid in sexing. So would some of you vastly more experienced growers like to pitch in here? I’d really rather not put more time and effort into a hermie if this plant turns out that way.

Joking and toking takes your cares away. Peace!

Interestimg theory. I can see where potent smelling plants a bred to each other. Something to definitely think about.

I can say though; After over 10 years of growing; I still get the Sex wrong 1/2 the time until the Sex actually shows LOL :slight_smile: