Sexing Jamaician Pearl

I’m hoping someone will give some help in sexing this plant.

I started 4 plants in hydro back on June 19 - 2 Jamaician Pearls, 1 Sweet Skunk and 1 White Widow/Big Bud Cross. About mi-veg stage they started getting strange. One Pearl was growing like hell; the other pearl was growing but not nearly like the first; and, the other 2 seemed to almost peter out. All the plants had leaf discoloration and started dropping small fan leaves from the very bottom branch which were very small began putting on tiny bud shootslike you would not believe. I was very careful in maintaining 5.8 pH and about 800ppm (Fox Farms nutes) at this point all the plants seemed to just quit growing. I change solution every 7 days and noticed that one of the Fox Farm nutes (Big Bloom) had so much worm cast residue in it that it was actually mudding up oxygenating hoses and clogging the root “beards”. Being out of ILGM nutes just then I changed over to FloraNova seeing almost instant improved growth especially in the 1 Pearl plant. The other plants continued to lag behind with the Skunk and W.W.XBig Bud getting worse and worse.

When I changed solutions and put the plants on 12/12 lighting to initiate flowering I noticed a huge disparity in the different root “beards” I had a realization. The 3 smaller plants had small to no “beards” while the large Pearl had a beard like Charlie Daniels.The smaller plants were actually root bound for which I could find no precedent for anywhere. I moved the 2 smallest plants to soft pots and soil where they are im proving. The small Pearl plant has developed a good root system and has basically caught up with the larger plant as both of the Pearls, still in hydro are beginning to flower nicely. (Here’s a couple of pics of these plants.)

Now to the sexing exercise. The largest Pearl has a huge number of white haired buds (I began pruning, shaping and training all the plants as soon as they put on their third set of doubles) and is already showing pronounced colas. The pictures below show what the flower sites look like on the 2nd Pearl. Although I used purportedly fem seeds I think this plant maybe male. If it is I definitely want to get it out of the enclosure before it can fertilize the ver nice fem plant I have going. So HELP PLEASE!

I can’t tell you pictures are to fuzzy for my old eyes. Sorry

I hear you, Tom. Up until I was 40 I had 15/15 in both eyes. Now I wear bifocals with lenses that look like bottom of a coke bottle.

The almost all the flowers have a single green pistil that looks like a spike and sometimes encircle the stem. At the end of limbs where colas should be forming they look more like a head of grain forming.

I’m sorry about the crappy pics but thanks for the reply.

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Instead of a calyx with pistil hair coming out, male parts can look like a pouch, ball, melon, sometimes almost like a banana or maybe a head of a grain. Could it be a “grain”, a seed poking out a fertilized calyx?


Hiya, MacG,

One of the plants, this one undisputably female, started flowering almost 2 weeks before the questionable plant. (I sure do wish I had a way get better resolution pics.)

I finally just broke a limb off and ran it through the scanner. I think this pic will have enough resolution and clarity for you to see what I’m talking about.

There’s been enough growth since yesterday for me to be fairly convinced that we are looking at a male plant here. No more mature than it is I don’t think it has released pollen yet. If you can help me confirm I’m going to yank the plant out soonest, move it outside and grow a nice crop of pure strain Jamaican Pearl seeds. A pity too because it has turned out to be a very nice, and now healthy, plant.

Thanks so much for the help.

Keep on toking, bro,

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Yup, those are male pollen pouches, lol. You do realize you still need a female to receive the pollen to make the seeds?


Hi MacG,

Thought I would add on here as a way of giving a progress report. The male plant that showed up I wound up shit canning.

The pics at the top of this thread were taken with both the 1 male and 1 female plants. What I wanted to do is go ahead and post a couple of pics of the female Jamaican Pearl I have left in hydro. The 2 plants (1-Sweet Skunk and 1-White Widow/Big Bud cross) I moved out into soil and to an outside grow are flowering big time although they are still pretty stunted at 12 - 14 inches. Oh, well. But I really wanted you to check this mutha out.

There’s literally a flower at every node that I’ve let grow and a cola coming on at the tip of every branch. Knock wood that I don’t manage to kill this weed somehow; Wow, at the sesemilla this bugger is going to produce. Although you can’t really tell the plant has grown up so close to the tent lights I’ve had pinch and lay 8 - 10 branches over. Right know this bitch is sucking down 1 - 1/2 quarts of solution per day.

Just trying to brag a little I guess but I’m really proud of this baby.

Peace! And many thanks, bro. Keep on toking,


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