Sexing hope am wrong?


I think its a boy:weary::cry:


Sorry bud
Looks like a male to me :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:
I would kill it immediately if I had it
But that’s me


Ok thanks i will be put him out :gun::hocho: today when i get home from work


Wait for a few more replies before you pull the trigger
I’m no expert it’s just what I would do if it where mine but in my garden I’m the Alfa male and I will have no competition :smiling_imp: Lol


I hope that gone a help you :innocent:


I also vote to kill him! :imp:


It’s may be a hermaphrodite, but it’s a looong shot.:wink:


I would still kill it :imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::imp::+1:
Lol but I’m a little bit sadistic :japanese_goblin:


Balls, said the Queen! If I had em I’d be King. Off with his head!


He won’t know what hit him✂


yep looks like a boy to me


looks to be male. here is a pic.



That’s too funny @Oldstoner


@Oldstoner looks like me when I stand in the river to piss :joy: sorry couldn’t resist


This pic should do it for ya



Sorry for your loss you can always grow it separate and see what happens


Kill him! KILL HIM!!!

Oh, wait…he can’t breed with my girls…


I ask for a moment of silence he is in a better place now

So i removed him and now he is food for my worms


Nice he picked the wrong tent to show up at lol


WTF?That’s hilarious!