Sexing cuttings

I just wanna find out sex the fastest way possible. Can u take a cutting n flower it right away under 12/12 or do u need to root the clone first b4 u force it to flower?

I’ve personally had success both ways… but I tend to give them a few days with the covers on to keep the humidity, at 24 or 20/4 and then once I see new growth, or root at bottom of cup then you could force them to flower… either way it’s about 7-10 days realistically. If you could try both, some strains like being cloned others don’t so that’s a factor as well.


U dah best!!:grin:

Another way is to put the cuttings in just water, and change the light schedule, they’ll start flowering that way too. No need to wait.

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I’m just curious, but when u see signs of flowering, like just 2 little hairs at the nodes, can u switch back to veg without issues since it’s so early or will the plant still stall a while n look really wierd with growth n leaves?

This is why the cuttings should be used. If it’s a regular seed, it may never reveg. Otherwise it will most definitely stall.

I’m sorry maybe re read my question or maybe answer a different way. No clue what your taking about and I was asking about cuttings…No offense or anything

Assuming this is photoperiod, and it’s showing sex, this is preflowers, these appear even during 18/6 without initiating flowering.
Happy to help, if I still missed it let me know.

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But the “ preflowers” still mean the sex is Female right? I haven’t grow that many plants yet, but all my auto flowers showed 2 little hairs first n they were all female.

Also, can u reveg back easily if u switch back to 18 hours light right after first signs of flower on cuttings?