Sexing and progress

Hey guys it’s been a while but the babies are growing idk if it’s to early to tell the gender but I’m going to give a try! Question how long did it take you to grow an actually harvest idk if They are growing to slow or the timing is on point… idk if I can start using my big bloom foxfarm just yet to scared to try… but on another note they haven’t died yet so I’m happy lol. I have white widow November 17 is when they moved to the 5 gal fabric pot 1 10gal fabric pot… I need advice an tips on my progress

It’s definitely female. Flowering, in fact. How many hours are your lights on?


I see all girls. Off to a great start.


Still on on 18 hours a day should I change them now I started using nutes later on so I’m pretty lost with the fo farm chart

Lol good I thought so I didn’t wanna get my hopes up I was gonna be BOMBED if they really weren’t

Yep all female all flowering and all are looking good. Go ahead and change your lighting to 12 on and 12 off.