Sexing, and fast

Ok I must have missed something but if the seeds are from a herm you don’t want to used em that’s for sure.

@Deez I guess my confusion is that the seeds that are in the caylexs were caused by stress not pollination. Because the mother plant was a straight female. I just took what you guys were saying since it wasn’t showing nanners or balls that the seeds in the caylexs were caused by pollination from the male plant I had next to it. That’s all I was really trying to figure out.

Yeah it sounds like your plant got pollenated by the nearby male. Your female should be fine and the seeds ought to grow out with the usual 50/50 (or so) chance of being female as well.

If your plant had Hermed, then the answer would have been to throw the seeds out. Since that doesn’t sound like the case here, I think you’d be okay to grow them out.


Awesome. Sorry for all the confusion. Looking forward to having more seeds of that plant since it was a bag seed. Plus I know what it crossed with so it’s pretty exciting.




@Deez @Graysin
Figured I’d give you guys a little update on the “pollinated” girl that I have going. I’ve kinda just let it ride and let Mother Nature run her course with it. Today was the first time I actually checked it in quite some time. And I was pretty Impressed on how much the buds stacked up and it’s pretty sugary and super sticky. There’s still a ton of white pistols throughout the plant. The caylexs that I believe have the seeds in them are growing bigger proportional with the plant.
Not really sure how far to take this plant. I mean if I was harvesting for the nug I know how to check the tri comes and wait for the pistols to switch over. But I really was pretty pumped to get some seeds. Since it’s mother was a beautiful plant. How do I make sure the seeds are mature enough to harvest? Does anyone have any experience here that can be tagged in?

My understanding is the seeds are mature when the buds are mature. Some amber trichomes would correspond to mature flowers, as far as I understand it. You could let her cook em a little longer than you’d ordinarily go for harvest - maybe a solid 50-80% Ambers unless you also wanna be able to smoke it.

@Graysin the extra nug would be nice. But not a necessity. Actually I’d rather have a handful of seeds versus the little nug I’ll get off this plant. I was very pleased with its mother especially coming from bag seed. She’s just about done curing. I’ve been tasting her here and there shes definitely tasty.

Lollipopped and ready to be chopped this weekend. I swear it’s got twice the snow it’s mother had. Thinking I might try making some bubble hash with it. Mixed with some flower from it’s mother. @Deez @Graysin @Underthestairs


Looking good and frosty :v:

The resin built up is actually dripping out of the nugs. And super impressed with the frost. I figured see if I could pull any seeds and try my hand on a small batch of bubble hash. I wish I knew what the strain was since it’s mother was a bag seed.

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The frosty ones make the best hash. I loved my Super Silver Haze for that.

Beauty of a lollipop

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She’s little but mighty. Lol. Thanks man. I guess the hours of reading are starting to be put to the test. :joy:


That will be delicious hash.

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I’m actually thinking that my winter indoor grow will be one plant that I grow for flowers and another strain that I grow for hash.

Anybody got any recommendations for a good hash plant?

Hashplant used to be the go to strain but I haven’t seen those genetics years.
I had a good buddy who made a lot of hash from green crack which was really great stuff.


I assumed the Afghan or Skunk strains would make good hash but I could just be hideously wrong.

Strawberry cough

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Just harvested that!

She was my first grow. Clones from a friend. I got them a few days after being rooted.

I have a grand daddy purple and Maui wowie going now from seed. And made 2 clones of each. Loving gardening. Not for losers, like I was mislead to believe.