Sexing, and fast

Okay y’All. It’s time for the obligatory question lineup.

OGesus, my spectacular sativa Autoflower - I’m about 99.99% sure is showing me man - not even herm, just full fledged dude.
Please confirm.

I need to know STAT - he’s in a tent with another autoflower that is in full-on flower, and she is tiny but looks good (Gelato) whilst my photoperiod is finally showing me pistils - ALSO in the same tent as OG.

Different plant, similar predicament. It’s an autoflower that’s hanging out with a bunch of veg plants, so not concerned about pollination, but I’m wondering if she may have Hermed from stress. They may also just be an inconvenient pair of calyxes but I haven’t a clue.

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Get him out. Bummer


My sentiment exactly. Tempted to bag him and shake him up real good, he grew so well that pollen might be good for something. :grimacing:

Any thoughts about the second?

Tough to see, and I’m certainly no pro but looks ok to me.

Cut a calyx off and open it up

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OG is gone. Of course Jesus would be male. What did I expect? :joy:

But look at that root structure. Stuff of pure wonder.

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Inside the two ball-ish calyxes.

Looking rather ballsy for sure.

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I’m pretty much decided Super Skunk - the auto i was 90% sure would hermie on me due to literally every stress in the book - must have hermied. I’ve pinched every calyx I’ve got and found baby seeds.

My understanding is a hermie begets another hermie - so the seeds from this plant would likely yield the exact same result and not female autos - or am I mistaken about this because it was DEFINITELY a stress trigger? If I’m wrong, then I’m of a mind to let her finish flowering in another room where she won’t bother my other plants. Otherwise, I suppose it’s toss time here too?

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Nope Hermie seeds will again be hermies


I wouldn’t use the seeds personally unless you’re certain is from severely over stressing, hermie isn’t a trait I want to propagate. Finishing her up is your call… keep all your other ladies in mind.


Don’t be tempted. It doesn’t matter how it herm’d. Once a herm always a herm.


Here’s the thing tho. If this wasn’t environmental stresses you’d be well within your rights to drag the breeder who you got this from. Since you know it’s environmental you know it’s your fault but it doesn’t change the fact that herm pollen makes herms.


That’s a fair point. I’m positive it was environmental stress. I’m more upset that the OG ended up male, but only because I lost the other seeds I had - so I don’t get a re-do there. I have plenty of Super Skunk left to try again.

Super skunk is on my short list for this winter. I’ve gotta pick two!


Yeah, I think I’m going to have to sprout another seed. It was doing amazing before the root problems (entirely my fault) so I have the utmost confidence in the genetics.

I went ahead and set her in a different room in the house. No real light to speak of beyond window sun about 12 hours a day, but I think that’ll be sufficient to see if she gives me anything I can at least turn into hash. :man_shrugging: I’ve got 2 of the 4 originals and a weird hole in my RDWC where another plant could go. Gonna play musical chairs with vegging photo plants and start in the next round of veggers.

Stressing a plant to the point of herming is one of the methods used to get feminized seeds. @Hellraiser staked his beautiful clone like a vampire to stress her enough to nut him some pollen. I wouldn’t want to use the genes of a plant that hermied easily, but one you have to stress hard… go for it.


Good to know. I’ll see what comes off her when she’s done doin’ her thing, assuming the weird lighting situation isn’t the end of her. Fingers crossed she makes it and some small buds along with way. Just can’t risk her pollinating the other room - Lemon Tree is flowering beautifully and LT Jr looks like she’s right behind.

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Possible herm situation on hands:

There are pistils aplenty but this one lower branch is shooting out new growth that looks so much like nanners.

This branch- this sad upside down branch (it grew into the tent last night so when I opened it up it just snapped from the weight of itself, I guess)

I know it’ll correct itself. The question is, do I want it to or should I just cut it off now? It’s the lowest branch on the plant.

Up higher:

Full plant top

and side

The longer I look the more I think I was panicking about new growth but I need confirmation. If it’s gonna give me pollen I want to cut the branch now. Or the plant. (S)he’s got so many pistils tho I’d rather not have to trash it entirely.

@Underthestairs @Deez @Hellraiser @Myfriendis410 and any others

Carefully open one of those calyxes if there’s a seed it hermied

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I don’t see any signs of it even being female. I don’t think you have a hermie. I think you have a male but it needs another day or two of keeping a close eye on.

That limp busted up branch you might as well remove.