Sex? Make or female?

Growing 3 mystery plants. I tried to look for the plant’s sex but I just want to verify with you guys before removing and throwing any away. To me 1 & 3 look like they are males and 2 looks female. Can anyone help me to make sure?? This is my first grow. Thank you guys! :pray:

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@Giovanni913. You are correct.
#2 looks like pistils.
Others are male.

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You’ve spotted it mate get them out of there :+1:looking healthy otherwise good luck

Oldguy gets the worm! :bug:

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Dam only one a female lol. Gf got mad wen I told her only one is actually going to grow after spending so much on the set up. But good thing is my auto flower seeds should be coming in today so I’ll be ready for the next grow right after this one.