Severed Stem - Seeding

The bad news was that I had an accident and bent a stem really bad. To help her I used a ‘straw splint’. Where you cut the center of the a straw and fit around the stem. It worked beautifully. Then came time to remove the straw. Long story short, the the stem got severed in half, at the base, when removing the straw. I performed some delicate surgery on her, and splicing/taped the stem back to the top end of the taproot. Replanted it. Everything was limp. The stem and the first pair of real leaves. Rigged up some toothpick splints and yes, reapplied another straw to help ease the weight of gravity. Within 5 hours, everything was perky again. I separated her from her sisters and put her in ‘ICU’, where she has her own light and higher humidity levels. She is in coco. I mixed some ‘Ful-Power’, a fulvic acid isolate, into her water as well. No other Nutes. pH 6.0 During the day I put her on the porch in the fresh air and bright SoCal sunshine. I’m on day 3 of this and she remains perky. But all growth has stopped. I figure if she’s going to die, she would have already, being that she was so young. She was born October 13th. I’m hoping she can pull through. I’m guessing that she needs time to heal before she resumes growth. Or am i just delaying the inevitable?

In the picture, the big toothpick was there for her to lean against because she was falling over the side. The other one propped up the limp leaf. The one in the straw is acting as a splint along with the straw. The 2 picks on the outside are no longer needed as it no longer leans/falls over at the top and the leaves no longer droop. With exception of its cotyledon leaves which are irrelevant.

Fingers crossed.


she is rerooting and that takes a week or so…you keep doing what you are doing and she should start showing growth in 8-10 days would be my guess.

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I would agree with @Oak and also the plant is going through some shock, looks like you did a great job so far , Check out “The art of the Bender” by @Soilgrowth, Amazing stuff !!


Go McGiyver :slight_smile:
I have seen this done on newly planted trees
Its like a bonsai.
try not to over water


Thanks for the replies. She is even stronger today. I’ve removed all splints. She is standing up straight & strong. Leaves perked upwards. Still day to day. Tempted to dig down and see how the splice looks.
But I will leave it be. Not going to risk f’n it up more then I already have. I am naming this plant Wahalla. Scandinavian for Immortal. :wink:

Update. The splice job didn’t hold. Took the severed stem of the seedling , put it in a fresh root riot block. Fed it some ful-power. As the days went by, gave it regular doses of nutes as I did my other 2 plants. Few weeks later, it re-rooted!

How it was before:

Here is today, 4 weeks later


very nice recovery :relaxed: