Several questions for anyone who has the time to spread some knowledge

Hello again everyone!! I have more questions than i know what to do with. First indoor grow, im gunna post several questions and a few photos in hopes that some of you more experienced growers can give me ideas on things to improve on and to become a better grower.

•When to transplant to final pot(10g)?

•If i plan to scrog should i top multiple times?

•When and where to place scrog net?

•Any tips other than follow the chart on the fox farms trio liquid fertilizer, plus the bushdoctor cal-mag?

•What factors do i need to keep in mind when deciding to flower? When to swap to 12/12 in a 5ft tent.

•What should my goals be going into veg? What am i trying to accomplish before deciding to flower in a 2x2 tent?

•Knowing the 5ft tent is gunna be a big factor what things can i do to get the most out of my 2x2?

Doing 1 plant, ILGM Blue Dream photoperiod. Ilbean above ground since august 5th (9days). Foxfarm OF 20% perlite. Spider farmer SE-3000. 2.3x2.3x5.2 spider farmer tent and 4" inline exhaust. Temp is holding around 80°F and Rh in the tent is holding around 70% but at the canopy its around 90%.

Hoping by just doing the one it can really flourish. If any of you have any experience with this strain id love to hear about it and any inside advice or tips you have. Really really enjoying this forum!!! In just a few weeks i have learned so much and had fun doing it. I really do love growing marijiana haha. Thanks again!!


Welcome to the community , nice looking plant. Just keep in mind Plant will double in size after flip so Bottom line is about managing the size space you have to work with. Leading up to the flip I like to top photo plants at about 7 nodes an Follow up with spreading out the limbs to end up with a nice even canopy.
Sorry i can’t help with Fox farm nutes.
Happy growing :v:


Hello Growmie welcome to this great place. My personal experiences are soak the sprout i use solocups for the first stage the 3-4 weeks transplant to home pot 1 quart to 3 gallon planters, 30 days in 18/6 then move and flip to 12/12 in flower, 3-5 months depends on each one individually i have a 3-5 month cycle going. I grow many so I can see if I did a couple I could veg longer and manipulate them to be a monster. I just know in my case to long in veg they grow to tall. Apple Fritter is close to 6ft but the stretch is done just getting more beautifuler


General rule of thumb I use is to pot up once all leaves are hanging over edges of current pot. This doesn’t mean you have to go to final pot though, this is basically up to you. I typically start in solo cup and then transplant to 1,2, or 3 gallon pot and use this to finish in for indoor stuff.

Up to you, you can if you want to. You can also run a scrog without topping at all by simply keeping your plant under the screen until ready to flower. You’ll end up in roughly the same place either way.

Place screen once you’re in final pot. Exact height doesn’t matter, but you should place as low as you can while still being able to access pot for watering/feeding. You have to keep in mind that once plant is trained you probably won’t be able to remove it and your trellis should be full of foliage, make sure you can still do what you need to. I think for most this is probably 12-15" above top of pot.

Outside of telling you to buy something else, make sure you keep up with scheduled flushing if using ff stuff.

Aa mentioned earlier, keep plant under the screen by tucking daily. Then go to 12/12 slightly before you screen is full. You should be able to tuck some of the stretch and then have colas extending above screen by small amount.

In a perfect world you want a full canopy. Then clean plant up so you have one good top per square of your screen and send her to flower.

See above. Using all 4 ft² will make the most of your grow. In order to get the most out of this you want wall to wall colas and no light hitting the floor. Assuming plant is healthy and cared for this is the ideal situation.

You’ll want to try and get rh a little lower than 90%, but 80f is pretty solid for led grow.


I have grown a lot of blue dream before. I feel I could not let you grow it in a small tent without mentioning it is a stretchy strain. It tends to want to grow up and stretch more than the average hybrid. I would humbly suggest flipping it before you completely fill the scrog net out. If an average strain doubles in height during flower I would say blue dream could approach tripling in height. It’s what I lovingly refer to as a stretch monster.

If you find the 10 gallon pot makes an unruly plant, I would go smaller next run. I have found root binding is a good way to control stretch monsters. If you use a breathable pot that plant will do just fine tamed down in a smaller pot.


Thank you for that info!

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Lots of great information thank you guys!!!


Beautiful plants thank you for sharing!!


Thank you for the info!!!


So far I’ll say you’ve got great advice. Welcome to the forum, which is a wealth of knowledge and encouragement.

Depending on your 10 gallon pot dimensions, you may want to opt to not fill it all the way and give yourself more height. You can roll down the sides of the fabric pot. Your 2x2x5 tent will be all about short and wide - short and wide pots, and controlling plant growth to be short and wide.

Finally - have fun with the scrog! Northern Scrogger has a great website with very detailed step-by-step instructions on how he does it.

Best of luck with your grow. Post pictures along the way!


Looks like you are in good hands! I’m in a 2x2x6 on my first grow as well and would definitely recommend flipping earlier than expected. Blue dream I’ve seen being a stretcher for sure. Here is my ILGM Disco Biskit on flip day and day 42 post flip. Mine I feel almost quadrupled in height, I adjusted my side lights up with the main light the whole grow so far. I’m nearing the top now with a few weeks to go.
Flip day 7/1

8/13 day 42 post flip


Thanks man for the timeline on your grow, that actually helped me alot. Im a very visual learner lol.

How did you decide on that height for your net? That seams alot higher than i was thinking i needed to put mine. Keep in mind i have no idea what im talking about lol. Just curious how you got the height.


I actually put my net in after they finished stretching for the most part. I wasn’t planning on using one but they filled out so much and need the support now. I have it documented somewhere in my journal.


Thanks for the info man! I was planning on rolling the grow sack down and being more like a short 5 gallon pot. Should gain 4-6 inches in vertical height. Im considering moving my exhaust system outside the ten to gain an extra 15"+. But im not sure i will be able to keep my temp low enough.


Exhaust system outside the tent is a great idea! That 15 inches will be huge for giving you flexibility on managing plant and light hanging heights.

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I ran the light at 100% for a couple hours when i first got it just to see what happened and the fan was on constantly. Tent climed to over 90°. When it stays on it kills my humidity. From what i understand though that extra room will be nice. I may leave it inside for this run and then if i have problems with strech try it outside next time

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@noddykitty1 when do you think i should transplant? Going up to a 5 gal fabric pot. Today is 15 days above ground.

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Just my thoughts and have read, i transplant when shes breached the rim of the case solocup
I will transplant theses any day down

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@Bunger64 i have heard alot of people say that, i may be a tad late on the transplant then lol.

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Its still in what you decide but you will be amazed at the root growth that shes gonna have.if your gentle with them the will usually do great.