Several questions about starting indoors

Question from a starting grower:

Our bedroom is the whole 3rd floor of our house. It is very private, as well as spacious. Would the plants prosper in the middle of the room? The temperature is sometimes a little cool ( 64-65 degrees Fahrenheit.) Will I need to keep it warmer and would infrared heaters work? I also would like to ask if you like LED grow lights and if so what would you recommend. I am obviously brand new to this so I would like to keep the price between $100 - $150 USD. And finally, could I use
5 gallon buckets right from the start and how would it be only one plant per or could I plant two. I intend to try probably 3 to start.

Sorry to tell you this but you’re going to spend more than $150. Getting started or did you mean just for the light?
One plant per 5 gal bucket.
Downloads Roberts book The Grow Bible. It’s free.
This book will give you and your wife a big edge on growing. You can download it for free.b

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I’m not sure why the link above was included. But here is the link to the guides and to the main page and blog in general.

These links have numerous places to get the free e-book as well. And be sure to come back and ask questions if you need help with anything in the book or guide section.

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Stone, you know I’ve been here a yr or more and I still can’t find my way to either the seed shop or to download the bible since they remodeled the site


No problem, lol