Several questions about LED

Question from a fellow grower

#1: Use a budget 4’ x 2’ x 6’ LED grow tent. Can I use without an extractor system to the outside, by the use of cooler LED’s?

#2: Cheaper LED’s, (Mars Hydro in this case) seemingly may produce 25% less of finished bud compared to higher priced units… which needs taking into account. To start me off, if I get enough finished oil I’m not bothered about the lesser amount.

#3: All this moisture in the air, even soil grown, is it going to make my room/house damp? Perhaps a small dehumidifier would help. I can do normal window room ventilation – though NOT an extraction unit.

#4: I’ve spent days searching the internet looking for buds &/or finished oils and find most are scammers, even the less obvious ones

You need the exhaust on your tent to help circulate air for things like mold just as much as temps.

I’m not real sure about the translation between plant yields to oil yields sorry.

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If you are not adding extra moisture and exhausting in some fashion RH will stay around the same as rest of your house the nightmare stories of mold and moisture are thanks to popup grows. Those done by people renting a space and converting it to grow hundreds of plants as a home owner I would respect my house make sure to poly or use tent or grow like house plants. The issues only arise when a person cranks RH into 70% vents heat into attic and tries to turn house into a green house. If growing for personal use 1-2 plants is all a person needs


You do need some kind of exhaust fan to get the heat out of your tent, even with LEDs. Watts are watts! Enough LEDs to get some yield and you get heat buildup that can kill your plants and the LEDs themselves. Most LEDs and COBs put about 1/2 their watts into the heat sink as heat. Without air flow, the heat sink gets too hot and burns up the LEDs.

BUT you don’t have to waste that heat. You can use it to heat your house!