Several leaves turning brown

My white widow is probably 3 weeks from harvest and a few of the larger leaves are turning lighter color. No spots or signs of insects, no leaf curl and other leaves look nice dark green. I check moisture every 2 days. Any reason for concern?

Additional info: led grow light off for photo and plants are in 5 gal cloth grow bags.

@Oldmangrowing you mentioned ‘plants’ are they all the same strain and is this the only one displaying this issue? The other leaves look phenomenal in the photo. At a quick guess I’d say those particular leaves have just hit the end of their usefulness and are dying off. If your as close to finishing up as you think a lot more will be doing that as well soon. Imho but hopefully others will chime in soon .

You can expect for leaves to yellow at this stage. It will continue to progress, but is usually nothing to worry about. The plant will now focus less on maintaining foliage and more on ripening flower.

Is there a chance you are overwatering? I assume soil. Are you letting the medium dry out a bit between watering. The leaf wilt is an indication and yellowing leaves can be too. Just a thought.