Setting upt up a closet to dry


Hello every one. Well, it looks like I am going to make it to harvest this time. I could use a little advise for drying. I am looking to reduce the smell as much as possible.
I would like to use a closet that is H 5’ 5" x W 3’ x D 2’. It is a double door. I want to remove the right door and replace it with cardboard. That way I can cut holes in it with out cutting up the original door.
I was thinking of cutting a 6" hole near the bottom and then running some duct to my tent about 4 feet away, and let the carbon filter take care of most of the smell. I have a spare 6" fan for the carbon filter but think that would create way to much air flow. Any advise on how best to do this? A small fan pointed into the duct? I could run a humidifier if I used the closet too.
What size hole for the top for the air intake? I had read about drying while the lights are on in the tent even with other plants in the room. My concern there would be I have 2 fans running in there all the time and the buds would dry to fast.


@Not2SureYet i would cut a 6” hole in the bottom of the cardboard door and another at the top them u plumb the thop hole to ur tent and ur tents vacuum will draw the smell into ur tent and through the carbon filter id lay a small fan on its back in the cuboard faceing up at ur buds for better airflow on the buds and as for light dry in the dark much denser buds with the light on they try to survive at the start or the drying process and stay open and airy hope this helps


It does than you. I Was thinking the opposite but your way makes more sense. By small fan. Are you talking about some thing like a small 6" fan on low or smaller?


@Not2SureYet i use a “12 but i dry in 4x4 i just set it up so that they move around abit as for ur tent if ur vegging ur next crop and want to keep the humidity up u can use a water mist bottle the 12L pump up bottles with a wand work great add some rizotonic to the water and ul never look back it boosts the roots and keeps bugs away big roots big buds :smile:


Once I am done with this cycle of plants. I am thinking I will just grow 2 at a time so I can use the tent for drying afterwards. lately humidity is not an issue. It has been keeping it down that is difficult. A 6" fan may work out fine if i do this. I am also looking at drying in the tent. I have read of a lot of others doing that with no issues. I have about a week to figure this out. I will probably be cutting plants down in about 2 or 3 more weeks as a guess. Thank you for the help. :grin:


Algood i used to dry in the tent above the shade it works fine but if ur picky about the densnes then darks the way how bigs ur tent ? On my last crop i got 20 oz with a 600w hps


it is a little 4x4 tent. Once I take down the 2 plants to harvest. I will move the other 2 to the left side and would use the right to dry. I am just trying to get through this grow. I will be better prepared when I get to the next one. This is kind of a learning what works and what needs changed.


Same size as mine i find keeping it simple works best i used soil with 6 month slow release fertilzer and just water them when the lower leaves start to wilt all fun and games feel free to tag me with any questions


Thanks, I will. I am in coco right now. Finally getting the hang of it lol