Setting up one light with a light mover

I built a 4’ x 6’ x 6.5’ tall grow tent which will have 6 plants. I’ll be using the SCROG method.

I bought a BESTVA DC Series 2000W LED light which Compares to 1400 watt HPS while consuming 390 watts. They say it is perfect for a 7.8’ x 7.5’ growing area at 24" height. As with all the lights I’ve looked at, the PAR ratings drop at the edges, and I debated if I should get two lights. If I did that, I’d have them positioned front to back, a couple of feet apart.

But then I got totally turned on to the idea of having one light on a light mover. Although I bought it from a different company (Growsun Adjust Drive Motor Light Mover Kit), I found the best info is available at They say:

When indoor grow lights move over the tops of the plants, the grow lamps can be positioned closer to the plants for maximized ppfd [photosynthetic photon flux density]. Moving grow lamps can also penetrate to more leaf area, maximizing each grow light on two fronts at once. In addition, there are no hot spots, and shadow patterns are reduced. LightRail grow light mover kits provide this sun-like effect of closer and to more leaf area simultaneously.

I’ll set the light mover up so it runs the width of the 6’ tent. My only question is if it would be better to hang the light so it runs front to back, which gives higher PAR ratings at the outer edges (it’s a rectangular light, measuring ~ 20" x 8". Or, to have the light hung so it’s parallel with the length of the tent.

Here’s what I have in mind - This version has the lights traveling within 6" of the wall at both ends. Note that the light mover pauses at each end for 60-120 seconds.

And this version has them stopping around 14" from the edges.

And this is the other option, having the light positioned parallel to the length of the tent. In my view, it will provide less PAR at the outer edges.

I’m looking forward to your thoughts:sunglasses:

If it was me i would set it up long way front to back but either way the foot print at a given hieght would still be the same
Most led fixtures are good for 4x4 with a core of 3x3 or less

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Your tent is going to need 2 stabilizeer bars for when you open it mine sways back and forth alot

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I think you’re going to be disappointed with the performance of a setup like that.

That particular light is over advertised quite a bit, I would expect it to have a flowering instensity more in line with that of a 3x3 area.

The biggest advantages of the light movers is to keep the intensity off of small confined area which allow the lights to be run closer. In terms of increasing yield, they usually do that by getting light to parts of plants that would normally always be weak or shadowed by a stationary lighting system. They don’t usually allow you to light a much larger area effectively. When the sweep gets to be more than a few inches outside of the lights effective square footage it usually ends up creating airy buds in the whole grow. As opposed to only being outside of the area with the “good” intensity.


Mine is built into a corner, using 2x3 sheet metal studs. It’s super sturdy.

Hey dbrn32, thanks for chiming in.
What would you recommend for a light in that price range (this was $235.00 using Amazon Prime)?

The PAR ratings are pretty decent and I like the output spectrum.

Building the tent 4’ deep is problematic when it comes to lighting choices. But that’s what I have to have if I want to grow 6 plants.

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot I confidently say is great for that price range. And there’s really nothing in a single fixture specifically for 4x6. For a good led light, you’re probably looking at $700-$1200 for a 4x4. But if you took a light like that and tossed it on a mover I’d feel fairly confident you’d be successful in your space. Tossing something like that on a mover with short sweep would probably provide pretty good results.

If you’re looking for best bang for your buck, maybe one of those two bulb side by 630 watt lec fixtures. Or if it works out better, two 315 lec. If you want to stay with led, the hlg-600 is probably best bang for your buck that would work well.


My goodness 60.14 lm/w

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That blurple stuff never really measures well on photometric scale. But it does appear there’s a lot of white diodes to be that low.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

I got burned on lights like that back when they were 450 a piece and i bought 5 not knowing what i know now. I went back to mh and hps lights and after talking to @dbrn32 i won’t buy on i will diy a led light. Well you live and learn i guess but man i had light fluffy buds hardly had anything from 15 plants it was terrible and wastef half a year trying to figure out what was wrong when it was the marketing and hype that messed me up.

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From what I hear, LED lights have come a long way. And there’s a lot more progress to be made. Something like how the Bomar Brain calculator used to cost $200 back in 1972, and it could only add, subtract, multiply and divide:)

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It’s up to you what you use i can say that @dbrn32 like really really knows lights. There’s still alot of people that buy some light that markets it as the best and its crap. So just check out a 600w mh and hps light bulb compare the par value per watt and see if its better or not. Even a top bin cob build diy 1500watt light would be close to a thousand so a store bought one would be twice that. Or grow your stuff out and see what you get and compare that with what other people harvest on here.

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That is true about leds, but you have to be using the “new” leds. There’s nothing new about the epistar mono’s found in most of the led panels found on amazon. In the led world the terms “new” and “good” usually come with a pretty hefty price tag.

I probably explain why some very expensive led fixtures are better than cheaper options here a couple times a month to someone. And I can’t think of a single time someone has upgraded their leds and not been super stoked.

You will love your light mover I got the 3.5 8 foot rail with my 630 lec and boy it’s so nice don’t have all the extra lights and I can already tell a difference having it move compared to just being over the top


I lucked out on my 300 watt meizhi leds 196 true watt payed under 50 for them 3 years ago when the very first came on the scene but no more blurple for me lec with Phillips bulbs wow :open_mouth:

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Once you get away from blurple there’s definitely no going back! When you get a really good deal like that it’s hard to pass up. If you’re not using them, you should send one to me for a makeover lol, I’ll bet I can surprise you.

Yep everyone who is using hlg quantum boards are loving them, it’s a little bit I got 385w for 380 usd I had to assemble it but I’m happy and planning on purchasing another one after the holidays

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I may just do that

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@dbrn32 I’ve been away from that purple blue crap For a while there just sitting in boxes are use one to germinate but that’s about it

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