Setting up my grow space

Question from a fellow grower:

I have a 10x12 shed that I have sealed off. I want to pack in as much as possible and run a perpetual grow. Would you mind helping? How would you section it off to run a perpetual grow? Would I use 2,3,4 sections? Any other thoughts and wisdom would be appreciated.

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This will be a interesting thread to follow. I’m no expert so I can see that space in 2 sections so it’s easier to run a track lighting setup.

I’d leave a little walk way between the 2 sections.

I would go with autos and plant a month apart

How many plants per grow? Photo or Auto?

There are many factors that go into dividing your space.

Are you a new grower or do you have a few grows behind you?


We can definitely help join us and we can help out I’m in the same size shed running light movers On a perpetual grow


I agree, if you’re not already a member join and post here. I would like to know desired harvest frequency and yield are?

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