Setting up my grow in SA

Question from a fellow grower:

South Africa has recently decriminalized the cultivation and use of cannabis for personal use in private.

Iv been a grower for the last decade at least but most of my grows have been indoor under lights or small outdoor grows of a plant or two to keep it discreet.

Due to the new court ruling I can now grow outdoor unhindered and risk free.

I live in a safe suburb on a 580 square meter property with about 450 square meters of garden and about 250 square meters of open grow space. Our budding season is between 24 March and 19 September where our light hours are below 12/12 . Outer winter really only runs from May to August as the rest of the time the weather is good and we have minimal rain or storms.

I’m planning on keeping 4 mother plants of various strains to keep putting new plants into my garden.

Any way that’s my background, any insight or advice on legal outdoor growing, mother plants indoors, maximizing yield, organic soil compositions and more im all ears!


First off welcome to our friendly community your get a lot of help from our members
Join us and we will help as needed it sounds like you have a good idea what your doing already

Here’s a guide you may know some of the info but it touches on keeping a mother plant
Which you would want to keep in veg

Happy growing hope to see you around :v:CB


Mother plants are best kept indoors. Where the light can be controlled.

Now you live in a Free country, you could find other growers and trade seeds and grow secrets.

beware of the ganga smell if you are growing outdoors as the neighbours might get weird and also we have mobile ganga thieves who are part blood hound and will steal the whole crop, usually when its not quite ready.