Setting up my 4x4 tent

Ok guys I’m trying to get my pre-lights list together for my tent. So far I’ve got:

4x4 tent (4x4x6) maybe taller if affordable lol
Ratchet hangers (4 pair)
2 fans for intake and exhaust
Carbon filter
2 Timers for lights, or 1 with 2 outlets
Oscillating fan

The list is still growing but I have a couple questions

  1. Is a 6in fan recommended for a 4x4 exhaust? I was thinking 4in intake and 6in exhaust.
  2. What size or type of carbon filter do I need for a 4x4?

I have a 4x4 myself. I hung a 4in fan the upper right with lg zip ties. There is a screened square at the bottom of tent. One on each side. You will have velcro squares that allow you to block off or partially block off each. I purchased the fan with a controller which allows adjustment from fast to slow. Start slow and increase as oder increases.
I did alot of research on lighting and settled on Spider Farmer. I got 2 2000s . One for veg and starting flower. Will kick in the second for heavy flower. Planning a heavy Scrog. Ph tester? Must have. I found a local hydroponics store and picked up my Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil and fabric pots. Everything else was all Amazon.


@Fishawk I should have mentioned but I am currently growing my first grow in a 3x3 so I do have my meters and things already. I wasn’t sure if the 4x4 required any more equipment being it will be my flower tent or not. I’m currently stuck on my lighting so I excluded it from this list. I know the hlg 260 xl is my best option but not sure I can swing that. I’ve been eyeing the SF 2000 also as it seems fairly compariable. What is your thoughts on them so far and have you completed a full grow using them yet? If it’s relatively close and saves me $150 for the pair I may try to go that route.

*1. Is a 6in fan recommended for a 4x4 exhaust? I was thinking 4in intake and 6in exhaust.
*2. What size or type of carbon filter do I need for a 4x4?

  1. Yes, 6 inch exhaust is the way to go, I love AC Infinity exhaust fans, quiet and efficient, no intake needed, just use one of the passive intakes on the tent to let air in.

  2. You get a carbon filter to match the size of the fan, so if you get a 6" exhaust fan, you get a 6" carbon filter. AC Infinity makes those as well, the longer ones will have more carbon and possibly do a better job/ last longer but these should be replaced yearly.


@Hellraiser perfect, thanks bud. I wasn’t sure. In my 3x3 I only run the exhaust fan and use the flaps for intake and so far I have not had any issues with heat at all (knock on wood).


@Hellraiser what type of oscillating fan are you using in your grows? I have been trying to find a decent oscillating clip on fan but I see a lot of mixed reviews on them. I’m looking for somewhere between top shelf and bargain basement priced if possible lol.

I use one from Walmart. It has 3 buttons. Slow, medium and fast. :+1:


I really like the SF2000. All quality parts(Samsung) diodes ect. Runs cooler than others ect. 3 yr warranty.
Check out YouTube reviews. Everyone else likes them too. Next advancement after burpule. Mine are growing in veg now, like being outdoors.


@MrPeat is yours a clip on type or a table fan? I’ve got a 12" that’s just to big to squeeze in my 3x3 but not sure how I’d mount it. I’m using stationary 6in fans now and I have them hanging by bungees as well as zip tied to the frame of the tent in case they fall they fall straight down and not into the ladies. I aim them above the plants to create air flow but not blow directly on the plants. It gives them a minor breeze but could definitely be much better with an oscillating fan of some sort.

@Vance420 I have a table one and its over 1 feet across. I put mine on the floor of then tent. I don’t use anything that is clip on. I have already killed plants when my glasses fall off.

This fan can be pointed partially down and up. It works perfectly for a 4x4 tent. It moves about a 45 degree angle. Sorry I ean to get a burger and tos for sinnwr.

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@MrPeat I am certain the answer to this question is no but I gotta ask lol, do you have any issues with the plant the fan is closest to as far as too much wind? Do you move the plants or fan around at all or just let it oscillate?

@Vance420 I put the fan in one corner with the fan facing up as high as the fan can go. I do not change locations nor do I move my plants. I have multiple fans up top and down below.

I have a small box fan sitting on top of the tent so it can suck hot air out. I have another smaller fan sit on my aluminum heatsink thaty HLG lights are attached to.

I also have a window ac unit facing into my tent and a big box fan in front of the window ac so I can blow cool air up.

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I gave up on oscillating fans a long time ago, I just use regular 6" fans and hang them upside down with rope ratchets making a nice little cross-breeze over/thru my canopy.


@Hellraiser I’m glad I am not the only one who does that lol.

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I use a tall tower style fan in one corner. the case itself has a 90 degree twist in it so it does not oscillate. It blows high and low at same time. All of my leaves are always softly shaking. Works for me.


I bought 2 vivosun oscillating fans they quit oscillating after 3 weeks, just get cheap stationary to put in corners like @Hellraiser


@Chasfitter had a couple in my cart and saw reviews saying the same thing. Removed them quickly lol.


Where I live those small fans don’t do jack. Gotta go big in South Texas.

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@MrPeat I know that’s right. Spent a few years in brackettville down there near del Rio. That heat is something lol.


This is the one I have in my grow. tall drum fan. No moving parts blows high and low at same time. Covers entire 4x4