Setting up inline fan filter and air cooled hood

So I have been watching some youtube to see how to setup. So if I got it right I would hang my carbon filter then attach vent hose, that attach to air cooled hood, then more vent hose, then inline fan, then vent hose out the tent for exhaust. Do I need an intake fan? or is passive air intake work? 6in carbon filter 600 hps air cooled hood 440cfm inline fan 4x4x6.5 tent.

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I think that is exactly right!

104 cubic feet 4x air exchange per minute

on the passive… @Countryboyjvd1971 is the guy on that part!

I do passive right now, but I have a 100 cfm inline if I need it for intake…

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Thanks! I have a small 4in computer type fan and wonder if I rig something up and use that for intake.

I’d wait to hear from John @Countryboyjvd1971

Does it have a cfm rating? @Smokin_ernie

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will do. No I don’t believe it has one I have to check it isn’t very strong so we will see.

That’s exactly how I have mine set up. (Same size light and fan)
The only difference is I have my inline fan outside of the tent and I didn’t add any hose to it. It just vents directly from the fan. (Just don’t stick your fingers in there)
I don’t have an intake fan in my setup I just get fresh air from the lower vents and also keep my entry flap cracked at the bottom to allow more air flow.

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Hey @Smokin_ernie your in track for setting exhaust up
As far as passive vent goes it will be plenty during veg I usually don’t run my intake during veg but once I have a full tent I do turn mine on to move air under canopy as well I have a total of two fans in my tents moving air and a exhaust and intake I run all during flower and everything but the intake during veg sprout and seedling I just run one fan inside tent
I’ve never had a issue with mold air flow is key to keeping it at bay so yes I would have one and use it only when you need to
Also you may need to force cool air into tent when weather warms up more
So when you purchase one get one rated 1/2 of you exhaust and you’ll maintain negative pressure in tent while forcing cool air in or fresh air in
Hope this helps brother


Sweet I think I follow. So no need to have intake fan while vegging and then when flowering run an intake half of what exhaust is. Plus a fan inside tent to just move air around. is that the basics?

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