Setting up Grow Tent. What All Do I Need?

I use a 3 part nutrient.
General hydroponics trio, and I do shift the ratios around slightly through each phase.
However many nutrient lines can be really simple like jack or even general hydroponics has a powered line also i use when im in a hurry.

This is my nutrients, not all together of course. But the GH Flora series is 3 parts that’s mixed at whatever ratio depending of plant stage.
The powder Maxi series is just 1 part either the gro for veg or the bloom for flower.

I also use silica and h2o2 or hydrogaurd.
But as to how?
Mix solution up and pour it into the reservoir and thats it basically.

Line runs to pots in the tent.

The AutoPots sound awesome, but I see some people have issues with leaks. This will be in an upstairs bedroom, so I’m paranoid about pools of water dripping through the floor.

Talk me down from the ledge. Is that a common problem, or more of a horror story anecdote?

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So leaks can happen but ive never had one.
The risk is with the floats. If they are put together wrong it maynot shut off and flood. But this you would know immediately at setup.
Then once they grow and get bigger, sometimes the roots can make their way to the float and cause it to stck open and flood.
Build up in the lines if not cleaned good when it needs (typically between grows) can make float stick…

These are real things that can happen.
But, if its maintained properly the risk is extremely low, like winning the lottery low in my opinion…

The systems are so simple there isn’t alot that can go wrong.

I would say more then 50% of my plants do have roots that break through but only a couple times have they grown so much that they reached the float. I simply cut them off and disposed of them and it didn’t seem to mind.