Setting up Grow Tent. What All Do I Need?

So, after two years of outdoor growing with mediocre results, I’ve decided to start an indoor grow. I’ve bought a Gorilla 2 x 4 tent and HLG 260W XL QB V2 Rspec LED Kit so far. That’s all I have and I know I need a lot of peripherals. Looking for suggestions for a complete setup. Budget isn’t much of an issue.



ph meter, ec pen Blue lab or Apera
Exhaust fan set up ac infinity 6"
Small fans for circulation
Jacks 321 nutes

Cal mag
Ph up and down
Garden ties if doing LST
Humidifier/ dehumidifier
Fabric pot 5 gal
Risers for pots
Cal mag
USB microscope
Wood moisture meter
Fish sh!t
Grove bags
Chair and music to sit and stare at the girls

You may not need all this, or you may need more. but I was just looking around my room. Lol


It seems like @beachglass has you covered. Id just like to add knee pads or a kneely which is a better kneepad essentially because sometimes its better to kneel than sit or if im down in my tent long i switch off between sitting and kneeling


If budget is no issue, Autopots, with coco-coir and perlite.
You will thank me later. Just watch some youtube on them if you are not familiar with them.
They are the ultimate grow tent cheat code :grin:


If you are going to buy your ventilation fan and oscillating fans off amazon buy ac infinity products. They have 10% amazon coupons already and the coupon code “mr grow it 15” will stack on top of that. Plus they all tie into their controllers that come with the ventilation fan. The one with controller 69 has ports to control 3 additional fans. I highly recommend this setup for the ease of automation of your ventilation and air circulation. Plus they are super quiet!


I didn’t see power/outlet strips mentioned yet, timers either. I have 2 wifi power strips, one in each tent, one is the KASA brand and the other is BN Link. These are a god send because you can have a different on/off schedule for each outlet (multiple schedules allowed for each). Lights on a 18/6 schedule? no problem. Fans? Don’t wanna wear them out prematurely so schedule one to run for a couple of hours and shut off and another starts up and wash, rinse, repeat! It does away with needing an individual timer for each item.

They are pretty simple to set up too, so if you aren’t the most technically savvy person it’s not even gonna be an issue.


Thanks for the great comments. I particularly like specific brand/model recommendations to help me focus.

Lots of ideas…


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A variable speed for exhaust fan if it does not come with one. Timer to cycle lights on an off.
Good luck :v:


Agree with the members who suggested AC infinity products in a 2x4 you could use a 4” ventilation but if money not a problem 6” would be better

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If I get the AC Infinity Controller 69, do I still need the WIFI power strip or is it redundant?

How do the Jacks 321 nutes compare to Fox Farms or ILGM?

I had decent luck in 2021 with ILGM, although not a great yield. This year I tried Fox Farm after reading a lot of good things here, but my plants are small and pathetic.

The exhaust fan that comes with the controller 69 will allow you to automate your exhaust and circulation if you buy ac infinity products. It allows you to set points for temperature and humidity and it idles your fans up and down automatically as needed. It however does not control the light timer unless you have ac infinity lights. I’m waiting on them to release controllable outlets so I can have my non ac infinity products controlled by the controller. I still have to have a separate inkbird humidistat to control my humidifier/dehumidifier.

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Thanks. I didn’t get the AC Infinity light, so I will need the power strip.

What type of humidifier/dehumidifier do you use?

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I have a tiny 2x2 tent, I have a small el cheapo amazon humidifier and my vent fan idles up to handle excess humidity. :wink: I also use a cheap timer. As long as it has ground prong on the plugs any cheap timer will work for’s how I started off

And here it is mid grow with humidifier added

And here it is now


You’ll need to power it somehow but the wifi controller isn’t necessary for the AC infinity

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Thanks for all the recommendations and comments. Here’s where I’m leaning so far.

CONTROLLER 69 – Grow Tent Controller
CLOUDLINE LITE 4 – Inline Fan 4"
CLOUDRAY A6 – Circulation Clip Fan 6" Manual Swivel
Australian Carbon Filter 4”
4” Flexible Ducting, 8’ Long
5-gallon Fabric Pots
KASA WiFi Power Strip

Keep 'em coming!

There’s a all in one kit on Amazon. 4” exhaust fan with controller 69, carbon filter, hangers and ducting.



How do you fertilize with the Autopots? I see some liquid fertilizers online, but it looks like you just use the same mix throughout the growth cycle. That seems odd, since Fox Farms for instance changes ratios every week.

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They do make one

Its sold out but add your email and theyll tell you when its back. I hook my hlg lights up to it

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