Setting up for first time grow

Hi there everyone.

Just signed up hoping for some advice on the type of lighting I should use for my 4x4 tent, 6’8 high. I currently have this one on hand, but I’m being told to return it and buy a kingbrite 3500k, and to get two of them.

Just looking for some more opinions. I don’t mind dropping about $400CND for a good lasting light.

I have a tent, fan, and the light I linked above and soon will order a carbon filter. The seeds I have on order are 10 auto flowering seeds. 5 Grand Daddy purple and I think 5 green crack.

If I’m missing any info let me know and I’d be happy to do what I can!



2 clip on fans , tds meter, ph meter possibly humidifier or dehumidifier depends on conditions, carbon filter unless the smell is no problem. And I think that’s it. As far as lights probably 2 hlg 260 xls but it is over your budget but that’s really a @dbrn32 question. Welcome to the forum. But I got that much in a light for half that space


Welcome to the forum, great people around to help you.

You can wait on carbon filter, since you haven’t planted yet.


Alright looking into ordering the tds meter,pH meter already ordered. I have a dehumidifier but not a humidifier, I’ll see how it is before buying.

I guess my lighting is extremely underwhelming then. :frowning:

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Thank you :blush: looking forward to learning lots !

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Just explaining that good light costs, but it’s the most important part it will be worth it. And it’s a pretty big space. But the right lighting can double your harvest weight.


Are there any reputable distributors for Canada? Or will I have to use Alibaba or something like that for my lights?


International distributors , there’s Also many other sites a quick search of the name will give you those.


i think you can order that light direct from hlg and use coupon code DUDE and get 10% off

Awesome thanks that’s a good start

Just checked and the code doesn’t work.

A pair of HLG 260 XL fixtures would be perfect for your tent.
If you can’t afford them, a pair of Mars Hydro TSL-2000 fixtures will work quite well.
If you’re really tight on money, you can always get an HID light with an air-cooled fixture.

I may have missed it, but I didn’t see an exhaust fan in your inventory list. You will want a 6 inch exhaust fan with some ducting.

For a good idea of some of the things you might need or want to complete your setup, go to the growershouse website and look for part number 4x4-400CLWX-S
Technically that kit could use a second light to maximize yield, but the list of things it includes is pretty complete for the first-time grower.


I looked into the Mars hydro and I think I can manage that but instead of having to buy a pair of the TSL-2000 I was thinking of getting the TSW-2000 instead since it covers a 4x4 area. Would that be alright?

MARS HYDRO TSW 2000W LED Grow Lights Dimmable Reflector LED for 4x4ft Grow…

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CDN$ 409.99

Sorry for the late reply, I was only allowed a small amount of posts yesterday… Had to wait 15 hours to be allowed to reply anymore.

You can certainly do a single light that covers the entire area, but many people prefer to have multiple lights so that you can adjust the height of the lights to meet the needs of your plants (you may have 2 short and 2 tall, for example) rather than move the plants up and down as they grow.

They are over playing their light. You could probably veg 4x4 alright with that on 18 hour schedule, but won’t provide great results flowering with it.


Plenty of people have very successful complete grows with the TS series and you can find discussions about them on some of the larger forums. They are made cheaper than the HLG lights, which is why they are less expensive. But, they are a good alternative to someone on a strict budget - certainly better than a blurple off Amazon. Also FYI @Classybanana even though the website still says they are using the older technology Epistar chips, they are supposedly building the TS series with modern Samsung LM301B chips now.

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Awesome I’m glad I found a light that isn’t complete :poop: lol. I’m not looking to buy the best of the best gear for my first time growing, so I will stick with the single light I think. Thanks Tommy!
@dbrn32 - if I grow only 3 or 4 plants in a 4x4 tent, will that be a small enough grow that the single light will be sufficient during the flowering process?

Your plants will grow, but won’t have the intensity to produce as much as space like that should.

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Okay understood.

Thanks very much for your help so far everyone.

Any other tips are welcome too! :grin:

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For the exhaust fan… What is that Uhm… for? What’s it’s purpose? Just wondering because I’ll have two fans in the tent blowing air around, and will probably have a carbon filter too for the smell.