Setting up First grow need advice

I like to use combo of topping and lst pulling my fresh tops down gives some lower limbs a chance to shine by pulling my 2 mains down and opposite each other be careful massage your stems slowly down to prevent cracking or splitting. Usually the closest limbs to the top jump in to fill the gap adding to your tops I tend to only top twice but this includes all tops closest to top of plant so branches within 2-3" from top included since it stresses plant I do all at once so can feed recovery nutes and only lose few days to stress.

just one of my ladies with the above topping lst combo mind you cut 4 clones off her too


Sorry guys I know I haven’t shared many pictures don’t like using my Iphone for pics and my reg cam kinda blows as well the misses doesn’t like me having pictures on my computer lmao so forgive the quality of the pics :slight_smile:

this is same plant

she’s 1 of my smaller ladies about to start week 7 flower and the reason she got the photo op
she was easiest to get out lmao


Man that’s some Purp buds , which strain is that , is the THC levels high or the CBD ?

That’s what I’m hoping for eventually.
I know I’ll make mistakes but that’s how we learn.
I appreciate the advice DonaldJ…and you were right when you said growing is good therapy. I’m finding myself spending more and more time with my girls every day. Love watching them grow and thrive.


She’s Purple Kush and high thc the trick to getting her to purple up nice is cool dark temps though genes were pretty strong and was changing colour at 69f early so didn’t realy need to lower any :slight_smile:

Looks good , I hope grand daddy Purp does that also .

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I read somewhere (might have been this site) that burning candles in the room will produce enough CO2 for my plants. Can anyone verify?
Most large candles have a lead wire in the wick. Would that cause problems?
Also vinegar/baking soda setup for CO2. Has anyone used this method?

candles consume o2 yes but produce heat soot blow out if fans are circulating air properly vinegar baking soda can work but best to use as co2 bomb so to speak bagging 1 plant with soda and vinegar for doing it’s thing for several minutes saturating plant with co2 on the other hand the smell…
Co2 is most benefit during flower and for best use need a sealed room unless running tanks with hoses to plants or generator since the co2 is pulled out the exhaust during air exchange.

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The soot, the candle wax goo that will be vaporized as it burns and becomes the soot and thick smoke would not be good for your plants at all. It will plug their stoma.

CO2 from a vinegar and baking soda setup has been used by many very effectively. It only needs to be used during lights on, the plants don’t really breath much through their stoma at night. Some have developed a vinegar drip and time it so it is a slow release of CO2 during the light on only.

Happy growing,


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Thanks…I’ll stay away from candles

I need opinions please. I don’t want to do anything else until I get this figured out.
I believe I’m looking at heat stress from my 400W MH light. I’m only using one light for two plants. Originally it was 18" above the plants until I noticed the curling (temp was 83F at the top of the plants) I moved the light up to 24" and the temp dropped to 77F but curling seems to have gotten worse in the past 24 hours and only the top leaves are affected.
Room temp is now 73-75F with lights on and dropped to 65F overnight.
Soil PH is still 7.2 and nothing else has changed in two days.

what is your RH and are you turning off your fans overnight? I live in cold climate so my room needs to retain heat overnight my temps get to about same at their lowest so I turn my fans off to prevent my plants getting over chilled. The other factor is your ph still needs to come down some more I think I had suggested a slowly adjust approach with you to avoid fast fluctuation are your stems starting to purple or is it just the light messing with me? Suspect you may need to flush simply to get ph back in range the high temps sped up an issue but don’t think they are the main problem. I’d like you to flush use wtare ph’d at around 6.3-6.5 your goal is to get your run-off to around 6.5 so use 3-4 times the volume of the container when your run-off is in range feed they look hungry and will be more so with rinsed soil and correct ph :slight_smile:

I’ll do that today Donaldj. Flush with 9-12 gal PH6.5, check runoff PH every few gallons and then feed 1/2 strength.
I’ve been leaving fans on overnight but will correct that tonight.
RH is staying 55-60%.

only meantion the fans because they do add a big chill factor it’s always best to run them but sometimes they can make plants too cold at this point we have to choose lesser of 2 evils :slight_smile:

The stems on my #2 plant are purpling (I need to pay better attention) and is showing the most curling. #1 plant has a little purpling and less curling.
I’ve drawn 20 gal of water PH7 and lowering the PH while it warms up to room temp. I’m going to heat a few gallons to get it there faster.
Should I flush this afternoon or wait 'til morning?

sooner is better the plants symptoms are always delayed to the actual extent of it’s damage so the faster you respond to it and adjust the sooner it begins to recover

Ran 13 gal of PH6.5 through plant #2. Final runoff was just under PH7.0,maybe 6.9. Should have gone with PH6.3.
Temp holding at 75-77F. RH at 55-61%.
Should I flush again at 6.3 or wait a while?

Something to keep in mind is if you are putting in 6.5pH at the top and 6.9-7.0 is still coming out the bottom, then you might have a pH in the soil that is actually quite above 7.0

Think of it this way, now also keep in mind this is a loose guide or rule of thumb and the math is not entirely accurate, but I use this mostly to illustrate the point, if you are putting in 6.5, and yet 7.0 is still coming out the bottom, then at least the difference is being cancelled out in the soil, so 0.5 is being cancelled out in the soil, and this could potentially mean your soil is actually 0.5 higher than 7.0 and is actually still 7.5

When you flush, it can be traumatic for the roots, and so it should be done at one time and keep flushing until you get what you want coming out the bottom, as to reduce the chance of drowning your roots, it all gets done at one setting, and then the soil can dry as normal, allowing oxygen in at the roots, until it needs to be watered or fed at the next interval as usual.

In general, what you put in the top, pH or PPM should be also coming out the bottom, i.e. 6.5pH goes in the top, and 6.5 comes out the bottom.

If you want a better or more accurate way to try and determine what is in the soil, you can do it as explained in one of our guides here:

You don’t necessarily need to leave it the full 24 hours, but a 15 minute soak at least would probably be necessary to really have a pretty good idea of what is in your soil.

Happy growing,


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Transplanted my girls in Foxfarms Ocean Forest soil five days ago. #1 & 2 have been in Veg for 17 days, #3, 4 & 5 for 5 days.
I’ve been told that they might not require feeding again while in Veg. What should I be looking for as first sign of Nute deficiency? I’ll be keeping them in Veg for 50-60 days total for each.
Right now they are healthy and growth is vigorous even after topping.