Setting up a new room?

the room will be just under 6x6, reflective film on the walls 1000 watt ventilated hood 27"x 32" I believe. one 6 inch fan with charcoal filter sucking fresh air outside through the hood exiting into garage in winter outside in summer . 2nd 6 " fan with charcoal filter sucking cool air into grow room low on wall and exiting out high . planning to do six plants maybe 4 dwc in 5 gal buckets with 6 " net lids and maybe 2 in a premium soil . anyone have any thoughts on my plans . will the one light be enough ?

Most will position the charcoal filter on the exhaust line leaving the grow room/tent. The charcoals purpose is to trap weed smells before the neighbors smell it.

the one will be going through the light and out side in summer and into garage in winter , the second will be filtering the smell out coming back into the air cooled house to help kill any scent. you think that’s over kill ?

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Not overkill if you live in a NON-FREE STATE!!!
Only takes one phone call to bring the Gestapo Swat teams…no fun that!

Major expenses and disrupted financial status. Really see ALL states being Free in two years, but, then I thought it would be legal by 1975. Extra caution will keep the expensive legal system from draining your finances for the next two years.

tanlover442# I’m in a state that’s just med use so far and still in the first stages of that . my dr. is a little iffy on it but I think he will get on board , I’ve had chronic pain for years from back injury . and major abuse to my body from years of construction work. So I’m in limbo for now but want to have the room ready . soon as were good to go. any tips in the future would be more than welcome . and ty very much !

I’d go double ended in a room that big, will be best you’ll do with a single light.

ty I will plan too , In the near future .