Setting up a inline fan and filter

Hello. I’ve just started growing. I’m not even sure if I have the right lights, but I’m sure they will work for now. I have an 353CFM Hydroponics Ventilation 6" inches Inline Cooling Duct Fan and a 6 inch Air Carbon Filter and some aluminum flex ducting. My question is will having the ducting running from inside the tent to outside the tent and then hooked up to the fan and carbon filter set up out side the tent be adequate for now. I’m thinking maybe I can get a small table fan to run inside the tent. How important is it that I have a exhaust running out the window? Can I just keep everything inside if I just keep a door to the room closed from the rest of the house?
.I’m not that concerned about anyone knowing that I’m growing. I only have a few plants, and it is legal in Massachusetts.

Your carbon filter should be inside the tent. The carbon filter is for eliminating the pungent smell of cannabis in your home. If the odor of cannabis is not an issue for you, then you really do not need a carbon filter and you can run your exhaust pretty much any way you want. Intake and exhaust are definitely needed in a tent setup no matter how it is done.


I run two of the 6" fans with carbon filters for the smell in my 5X10 room. I exit the exhaust back into the room and run them 24-7.

Stealthy!! :slight_smile:

So the fan and the filter should be inside the tent? My husband is concerned about the weight of the fan. I’m A little baffled about how to set this up. I originally thought the fan was to blow on the plants. But from what I’ve seen that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The fan creates the suction to pull the stanky air thru the carbon. Only the exhaust tube will exit the tent.

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I run a 4” filter for my 10x11 room and it is not nearly enough for 4 plants. If the door is open it’s umm, well, noticeable.

How many plants do you have in there??

I have a few plants, but they are very small. They have not had the proper conditions because I am an amateur grower. I’m still trying to learn this stuff. Mostly from trial and error. I have good soil and good nutrients because I got some excellent advice from a friend. But the rest is still all very new to me. i have a White widow that has gone into flowering mode, but it is very small. Non of my plants are actually in the tent yet. I"m still trying to figure out how to set up the air circulating system.Redirecting.... This is the one that’s flowering.

I don’t know if you can view that photo. It’s on my phone. Not my computer.

I stand my filter on end and put the exhaust fan right on the top of it. Then run my exhaust hose out of the tent. on the right as you can see.

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That is so awesome! Thank you so much! Would you recommend that I get another fan in the near future? Any specific recommendations?

Probably another for circulation for when they get big. You’ll want air moving through the canopy so you don’t get white powdery mildew and the breeze helps strengthen stems and stalks.

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She is little but you’ll learn and be better on subsequent grows

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I have anywhere from two to six. I think three would be the perfect amount if I don’t let them get to big. In this picture I have three.

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You’d like to have the filter at the top of your grow space removing the warm air and intake at bottom of space bringing in cool air in most circumstances. The only exception to that is if you were trying to keep heat in the space.

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I mounted my fan to a 1/2" thick 2’x3’ piece of plywood on top of tent with carbon filter inside tent and run it out through my ceiling

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Very true. Good poiny!! But I live in Massachusetts and in the cold months I do my grow inside and having the heat from my light helps me control the temps. In a warmer climate it is a good idea to have it in the top of your tent to draw out the rising heat.